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1029, 09 Apr 16

“Majoritarian Exercise”

Yes, we have learned how the Left defines “bipartisanship.”

But even if we look past Obama’s hypocrisy, his prediction of doom rings hollow. When he says that the refusal of conservatives to confirm a liberal judge may reduce the nomination process to being, “just a majoritarian exercise in the Senate of who controls the presidency and who controls the Senate,” we are forced to ask what is so bad about that? Moreover, what is the alternative that he is proposing that will enable us to transcend partisanship?

The alternative to that “majoritarian exercise” that he offers the GOP is simple: surrender. Republicans are told that they must allow a shaky 5-4 conservative majority in which a swing vote cast by an unpredictable Justice Anthony Kennedy determines close cases to become a solid 5-4 liberal majority enabled by Garland’s confirmation. They must do so, Obama says, because it is good for democracy for us to transcend partisanship. But in order for that argument to work, then both sides must do so.


1029, 09 April 2016


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