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2158, 04 Apr 16

Icelanders Demand Gunnlaugsson’s Resignation


Protests connected to the data leak scandal, currently being called “Panama Papers,” exploded Monday. Massive crowds showed up in front of Iceland’s Parliament in Reykjavik, to call on the resignation of Icelandic Prime Minister Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson and others involved in the scandal.

However, the prime minister does not appear to be ready to give up his position. “I have not considered quitting because of this matter nor am I going to quit because of this matter,” Gunnlaugsson said, according to the Associated Press. “The government has had good results. Progress has been strong and it is important that the government can finish its work.”


2158, 04 April 2016

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  1. Dave

    Iceland took positive steps after the 2008 banking crisis too. It let the three biggest banks fail. Nationalized the banks, guaranteed domestic deposits and put the top bank officers in jail! We haven’t jailed anyone for the orchestration of the worst financial collapse since the great depression. If their PM is proved to have sheltered money illegally in Panama, I have a feeling he will eventually be removed from office. We could learn from Iceland!

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