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1044, 12 Mar 16

20-Year-Old Woman Sentenced for Relationship with 13-Year-Old Girl

What the…?

A 20-year-old West Bend woman will never see her dream of becoming a teacher since she is a registered sex offender after sexually assaulting a girl.

She will also spend 60 days in Washington County Jail and will be on probation for the next five years after being sentenced Friday morning on one felony count of third-degree sexual assault of a child. Corrine Springer sobbed when Washington County Circuit Court Judge James Muehlbauer told her she would be going to jail for having sexual contact with the then-13-year-old girl.

Springer’s mother asked the judge for leniency in her daughter’s case, noting it has “ruined her life” and her dream of being a teacher.

“She truly didn’t understand the seriousness of her actions,” her mother told the judge before sentencing. “She only wanted to make her girlfriend happy.”

Given the apparent increase of female teachers having sex with their students, is there something going on in our culture? In this case, the woman seemed to have sincerely been unaware that her actions were wrong. And yet she was presumably of sound mind enough to be on a career path to be an educator. So what made her think that it would have ever been acceptable for her – at 20 years old – to have a sexual relationship with a 13-year-old girl?

And what’s up with her mom? “She only wanted to make her girlfriend happy?” What the hell is that? Did the mom know that her daughter was “dating” a 13-year-old girl? Did she tell her daughter that her behavior was immoral, illegal, and predatory? And what about the kid’s parents? This came to the attention of law enforcement through an anonymous tip, but they had a relationship for over half a year. Did nobody else know and feel compelled to intervene on behalf of the kid? Friends? Co-workers? Classmates? Relatives?

As we are tearing down the majority of the social constructs that have governed our culture for generations, the one that renders abhorrent an adult having sex with a child seems to be eroding too.


1044, 12 March 2016


  1. Dan

    I don’t think there is an increase in female sexual assault but instead, more cases are being reported than before.
    Part of the reason for the increase is that victim’s families know there are big settlements from school districts.
    And before, it was a prize for a student for a teacher to hit on you, now boys are more likely to turn in the teacher or brag about to his friends who will then turn the evidence over to the school counselor or someone else.

  2. Owen

    That might be, Dan.

  3. Mark Maley

    The Indianapolis school district just fired a principal
    For delaying 6 days to report evidence of a teacher ‘s
    Inappropriate relationship with a student and a private schools
    Principal committed suicide after he delayed an inquiry into a teacher /
    Coaches similar behavior

    So much of school issues nowadays takes a political tone but these are easy calls ( and the delaying publicity actions just make a bad situation that much worse for confidence in administrators ability to handle these issues immediately , bad publicity be damned !)

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