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1952, 09 Mar 16

Another Candidate Withdraws From Consideration

Nobody credible wants this appointment.

Washington (CNN)Adalberto Jordan, a federal judge in Miami seen as a top contender for the Supreme Court vacancy, has withdrawn his name from contention, a lawmaker told CNN on Wednesday.



1952, 09 March 2016


  1. Dan

    Who on their right mind would want to be nominated, go through a dirty nomination hearing and then get voted down?
    The only way Obama can get someone through is to nominate a center right candidate and Obama won’t do it.

  2. Dave

    “Nobody credible wants this appointment”?!?

    Nobody but a masochist would want their life dragged through the mud of predetermined Republican circus intended to run out the clock in the hope that Donald Trump will appoint the justice of their dreams. :(

    This nation and its constitution is fraying at the edges and it’s long term viability is very much in question due to the total lack of compromise or even a belief that men (and women) may have differing beliefs and not be evil incarnate. If the politicians cannot work across the aisle to make the system work eventually some strong man (or woman) will ride in a white horse and the Republic will be dead. It happened before. It can and probably will happen here without something changing soon.

  3. old baldy


    Great post.

    I’m curious; if Obama isn’t supposed to nominate a candidate because he is a “lame duck”, should “lame duck” senators like our own RoJo excuse themselves from the process as well?

  4. Kevin scheunemann

    All this liberal whining.

    It is liberals that started the modern day lynching of Supreme Court nominees with Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas.

    Liberals have to reap what they sow on this.

  5. Dave

    Kevin, you are the type of zealot that will burn the Constitution to save it! Are you hoping to achieve some kind of Christian Sharia state that will support your brand of evangelicalism? Interesting you cite Clarence Thomas. Maybe Obama should appoint Anita Hill. That should keep Thomas quiet for another 10 years!

  6. Pat

    Clarence Thomas was nominated July 1, 1991 and sworn in October 23 1991.
    Bork had a hearing.

    The Republican senate has said they will have no hearing on anyone nominated. I don’t know what they are afraid of.

  7. Kevin Scheunemann


    Clarence Thomas was confirmed after being put through absolute liberal hell. If there is one thing liberals hate worse than a white police officer, it is a black conservative.

    Anything liberal nominees have to put up with will still be campfire tiddly winks next to what liberals are capable of.

  8. old baldy


    But Thomas got a hearing, and prevailed. McConnell won’t even allow that to happen. Double standard, perhaps?

    “Anything liberal nominees have to put up with will still be campfire tiddly winks next to what liberals are capable of”. More of your Made Up Stuff.

  9. Pat

    “Clarence Thomas was confirmed after being put through absolute liberal hell.”

    Then I suggest that in the spirit of fairness that when Obama puts forth a nomination for the bench, that the Senate hold confirmation hearings and put that nominee through absolute conservative hell. Fair enough?

  10. Kevin Scheunemann


    If I thought conservatives were capable of the same venom and vitriol that liberals are capable of I would say that is possible.

    However, they are simply taking the Biden approach to this. I applaud the bipartisan approach senate conservatives have taken.

    Is bipartisanship a bad thing now?

  11. Pat

    Biden never blocked a hearing of a nominee.

  12. Pat

    “If I thought conservatives were capable of the same venom and vitriol that liberals are capable of I would say that is possible.”

    But are Republicans capable?

  13. old baldy


    Truth and facts are going to make kevins head explode. That will be messy.

    Whomever Obama nominates should get a hearing just like Thomas and Bork. Then let the chips fall where they may. If not, what will McConnell say to a Clinton nominee ?

  14. Trump for America

    Obama will not get a nominee confirmed and there isn’t a single fucking thing you shitbags can do about it.

  15. Northern Pike

    Thanks, Trump for America, for cutting through all the baloney and telling us what mainstream Republicans really believe.

  16. Dave

    Thanks Trump for America for cutting through the bullshit and letting us know there isn’t a single thing shitbags like us can do about fascist shitbags like you. Our country is in a great place for the future….NOT!

  17. old baldy

    Trump for America:

    You may be right. But what will you do when Clinton nominates somebody?

  18. Grayson

    Kevin, one only needs to read through your posts to see the the venom and vitriol of which you speak.

    Did your parents not hug you enough as a child or what?

  19. Kevin Scheunemann


    Just tired of being attacked by liberals all my life.

    Liberals tried to kick me out of college for daring to exercise free speech. Liberals also assaulted my business through a tax audit under Doyle, threatening it, which I had to fight 2.5 years in order to be vindicated with a $4500 refund. I’m tired of liberals hurting innocent people with their oppressive, big government positions.

    I just want to stop liberalism from hurting others.

  20. Dan

    Face it, Kevin, the liberals just don’t realize how hypocritical, and dumbass they really are. Their roots are tied deeply to racism, lynching’s and Jew hating.
    So, to make up for their past, they have to hate on others to make them feel big and smart.
    It’s useless to argue with them because you lust lower your own standards.

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