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1057, 06 Mar 16

RIP Mrs. Reagan

Sad day for us, but now she can be with her Ronnie.

(CNN)Former first lady Nancy Reagan, who joined her husband on a storybook journey from Hollywood to the White House, died Sunday, according to John Heubusch, executive director of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Foundation.

She was 94.


1057, 06 March 2016


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    That was a First Lady that would have made a good president….far contrast to what may happen in this election.

  2. old baldy

    The Regan family has my sympathy.

    But isn’t it odd that kevin would say that a person that relied heavily on astrology (as did her husband) to make everyday decisions would have made a good president. I would rather that sound decisions would be made using all available factual data, and be in the best interests of our country as a whole.

    So far as I know Clinton doesn’t subscribe to astrology.

  3. Billiam

    Classy Lady. May she rest in peace.

    Isn’t it odd, that people on either side of the isle, just can’t leave politics out of any death? Lefties cheering her death in some cases, especially from the lgbt side, and from the right, digs at Obama and Clinton. Pity there is no shame left in America.

  4. Kevin Scheunemann


    That was made up by liberals to discredit the Reagans.

  5. old baldy

    Really? She admitted that she did after they left the White House. History and facts tripping you up once again.

  6. dad29

    The Hildebeeste, however, had a seance with Eleanor Roosevelt.

  7. Kevin Scheunemann


    You said “relied heavily”. The fact she may have consulted some weird people once in a while for fun…we all make mistakes.

    It’s not like she killed ambassadors through gross neglect or compromised confidential documents foolishly.

    You seem to be the one loose with the facts.

  8. old baldy


    Yes I did say that, as did Nancy in her memoirs, and the LA Times, NY Times, White House spokesman Marlin Fitzwater, Newsweek, Donald Regan (WH chief of staff), and Ted Koppel. And Joan Quigley, the astrologer.

    So I guess you were right, we all make mistakes, but you really are making a habit out of it.

  9. Kevin Scheunemann


    Point to where she said that she “relied heavily”.

    Be mindful that quoting a liberal character assasin does not count.

  10. old baldy


    Define “a liberal character assasin”. And do your own research. It make may (heavy on the “may”) make you smarter.

  11. Kevin Scheunemann


    What is the matter, you cannot find the fact to back up your statement?

    This is what happens when you rely on liberal character assasin’s for your info.

    It’s a shame you purposely misrepresent such a wonderful First Lady at this time.

  12. Steve Austin

    I’m fine with the lefties trampling all over Nancy Reagan over some supposed “controversies”.

    After two massive landslide electoral wins, winning the Cold War and reviving the US economy if all they’ve got left is “but, but his wife consulted a horoscope reader” I’ll take that deal.

    And when people looked at the dining room table during the Reagan era all they saw was Nancy’s fine china, not secret FBI files of political enemies or fraudulently hidden billing records of the Rose Law Firm like Hillary left there.

  13. old baldy


    “you purposely misrepresent”. Another lie from kevin’s Book of Made Up Stuff. Since comprehension is not your forte I’ll show you again, “Nancy in her memoirs, and the LA Times, NY Times, White House spokesman Marlin Fitzwater, Newsweek, Donald Regan (WH chief of staff), and Ted Koppel. And Joan Quigley, the astrologer”. And Don Regen as a “liberal character assassin”, you really don’t have any grasp of history.

    Remember, Google can be your friend.

  14. Kevin Scheunemann


    No one, other than the liberal fever swamps, used the term “relied heavily”,

    That is your misrepresentation.

    The level of the big deal you make out of it is at issue.

    Nancy’s friend called it an infrequent fun pastime.

    Why don’t you go this ape over what Hillary does? Her actions kill people.

  15. old baldy


    Define a “liberal fever swamp”. I know a lot about swamps and consult all over the midwest regarding their function and value, but I have never seen that term used in any literature I have even read. But then that would be scientific journals or peer reviewed articles (even ones I authored) and I know that you aren’t a science fan. So show some citations.

    I’m not a Hillary fan, but this thread isn’t about her, but you obviously have a crush on her by continuing to bring her into the conversation.

    Seeing as you provide no proof other than “Nancy’s friend”, I’ll stand by what my lengthy list of citations had to say.

  16. Kevin Scheunemann


    You have not quoted any source that says she “relied heavily” on the pastime.

    Liberal fever swamp= a murkey, awful, place where liberals gather to assemble their foaming, feverish, hateful smears of good people like Nancy Reagan without any basis in fact.

  17. old baldy


    Yes, I did. See above.

    Another lie. I didn’t make any attempt to smear Nancy. I did point out your inconsistency and obvious lack of historical knowledge. But then I guess her using astrology for decisions, and you using your book of fairy tales are quite similar.

  18. Kevin scheunemann

    None of those “sources” claimed she “relied heavily” on astrology “to make everyday decisions.”

    Point it out.

  19. old baldy


    Just because you don’t like the results doesn’t make it false. There, I pointed it out.

  20. Kevin scheunemann


    You have nothing.

    Thought so.

  21. old baldy


    Sure, whatever you say. I acknowledge that facts, history and research aren’t your strong areas. So it looks like another opportunity for you to learn something on your own has passed.

    — 30 —

  22. Kevin Scheunemann


    Send me a link. The words you used do not exist in fact from any credible source.

  23. old baldy


    — 30 —

    Look it up.

  24. Kevin Scheunemann


    I did, and no one credible described it in the harsh, false, liberal fever swamp tone you did.

  25. old baldy


    I provided numerous sources that pretty much said the same thing. If you can’t/won’t look that is your shortcoming, not mine.

    And please describe a “liberal fever swamp”. I need to add that to my list of rare and unusual wetland types found only in localized and habitat specific areas surrounding the Kewaskum DQ. Probably due to the high levels of nonsense found in the soil.

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