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2156, 02 Mar 16

Paul Ryan Pushes Back on Trump


     “When I see something that runs counter to who we are as a party and as a country, I will speak up, so today I want to be very clear about something,” Ryan said.

“If a person wants to be the nominee of the Republican Party, there can be no evasion and no games. They must reject any group or cause that is built on bigotry. This party does not prey on people’s prejudices. We appeal to their highest ideals. This is the party of Lincoln.”

He added: “This is fundamental. And if someone wants to be our nominee, they must understand this. I hope this is the last time I need to speak out on this race.”

Ryan appeared heartfelt in his denunciations, which were plainly aimed at Trump’s failure to disavow David Duke over the weekend, as well as at Trump’s casual use of his mighty twitter feed to promote the rantings of racists. And Ryan deserves credit for doing this, just as he deserved credit for denouncing in unequivocal terms Trump’s call for a temporary ban on non-citizen Muslims from entering the United States. There’s little doubt that Ryan personally finds Trumpism to be horrifying.

So… we are in a situation where if Trump wins the nomination and makes it into the White House, he already has a worse relationship with the Republican leaders in both chambers of the Congress than he does with the Democratic leaders.


2156, 02 March 2016


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    It’s about time!

    The racist rhetoric from Trump is usually what we hear from typical liberals.

    Sorting by skin color is something only liberals do.

    Conservatives believe in content of character.

  2. old baldy


    Well, you are a “character” all right. The rest of what you said is more of your narrow-minded, dripping distain for anyone that thinks other than you. All nonsense.

  3. Dave

    Amen baldy!

  4. Pat

    Why isn’t the Tea Party marching in the streets against Trump??

  5. dad29

    Pat, the Tea Party doesn’t bother with blowhard con-men, until they are elected, like Obozo

  6. dad29

    As to the content of the post, Mr Ryan, who lives in an enclosed compound with armed guards, can talk all he wants about letting non-citizen Muslims into the US. Should we assume that he, personally, has vetted these folks?

    The Constitution is NOT a suicide pact. If they are vetted, no problem. But lots of front-line INS people have stated–on the record–that vetting is impossible given the conditions in the middle East.

    Maybe Paul will put them up at his place, eh?

  7. old baldy


    Well, if the tea party is so lazy that they wait until after the election to complain maybe they get what the earned. Trump and Cruz are both con men, just of a little different flavor. Cruz is far more dangerous to the American way of life.

  8. Mark Maley

    The refugee’s are being vetted and stringently
    With 18-24 months of scrutiny

    I hear this stuff and can’t help but think that
    The old Nazi propaganda theory is in full
    Bloom under Trump and his minions

    “Tell them the Big Lie !”

  9. Trump for America

    How many refugees are you taking in your house, Mark?

  10. dad29

    Cruz is far more dangerous to the American way of life.

    You mean to a degenerate view of the “American way…”, of course. Here’s a news-flash for you: the Constitution happens to DEFINE ‘the American way….’. Get used to it.

  11. old baldy


    Cruz is just as big of an egomaniac as Trump. The difference is that Trump is all bluster, baffoonery, P.T. Barnum and unelectibility. Cruz waves a fake cross to get the uninformed religious zealots on board, has questionable ethics and is willing to shut down government and pout if he doesn’t get his way. If you are a big fan of Joe McCarty, Cruz is your guy. I’m not and I hope the rest of America isn’t.

  12. Jason

    >The refugee’s are being vetted and stringently
    With 18-24 months of scrutiny

    And I bet you think the TSA is effective as well. Put down the koolaid man.

  13. Mark Maley

    Facts are difficult things

    What I said about the refugee’s are demonstrable facts. They are being vetted and they wouldn’t get here for up to 2 years .

    Was anyone really surprised that he told the NYT that his position on immigration was really just what the inmates at the insane asylum wanted to hear ?

    Confronted with facts last night ( we can save $300 Billion on a program that we actually only spend $78 Billion ) Trump says that he didn’t mean that program , he meant the savings For many programs

    That again was demonstratively not what he said previously

    The day he says he didn’t hear the question properly about David Duke , he did 4 more interviews after that one with the same microphone with zero adjustments made to it

    His admiration for the strength of Mr Putin
    Was flogged often in his speeches but now Trump says he only liked Mr Putin because Mr Putin said good things about him

    And today , he backed off his comment last night that the military would do whatever he told them to, including giving an illegal kill order on families or techniques far past water boarding

    Yet to be heard from is his plan to punish Paul Ryan for any failure to do what the new King demands

    He is a serial repeater of rumors and conspiracy theories who has struck out 3x times trying to disqualify others ( where are the reports of his investigators who were coming up with “amazing ” things about Obama’s birth certificate ?)

    He smears others and moves on , and mindless dopes think that’s “telling it like it is ”

    Anyone who puts the facts in front of Mr Trump or his supporters are shouted down with inane fact free comments

    Kudo’s to the Fox interviewers who began the process of showing the Emporer with no clothes .

    But thanks and a smooch to Mr Trunp for
    Being the right guy in the right place at the right time ……………for Democrats

  14. dad29

    Baldy, Judaeo-Christian civilization is the foundation of Western culture. If you don’t want to be part of that culture, you have choices.

    And Joe McCarthy was right. Get used to it.

  15. old baldy


    You and kevin must have taken the same history class. You should have stayed awake. There are a lot of Greeks, Romans, Phoenicians and pagan europeans that would disagree with you. Most modern christian holidays and rituals have a root in non-christian history. Get used to it.

    If you think Tail Gunner Joe was “right”, you are one sick fella. And you must have slept through that day in class as well.

  16. Mark Maley

    Bill James calculates that Trump needs 57% of the white male vote to win a general election

    Rumor has it that his slogan for the general will morph from ” Making America Great Again ” to
    “Making America White Again”

  17. Kevin Scheunemann


    You are reading from the skewered atheist history book again.

    Christmas, Lent, and Easter were developed as part of the church calender in the 4th century. They were brought about during Roman times when everyone was required to be part of the church, even unbelievers. The church calender was developed to preach to these unbelievers, or “pagans”, the true gospel message of Christ. So if the customs of the “pagans” became part of this, sure, you can call that aspect “pagan”. The intent of the holidays was to preach the gospel of Christ crucified and rose again for our redemption.

    The church calender today, and respective holidays of Christmas and Easter, is to review, celebrate, and srengthen our faith, in the miracle of Christ’s birth, suffering and death, and resurrection in our relationship with Jesus. The church calender holidays of “Easter” and “Christmas” is not a biblical directive, but a good reminder for straying, weak, or non-believers, to hear the joy of the gospel message and praying buy the work of Holy Spirit those lost or weak souls take time to re-connect with Jesus on Christmas and Easter.

    I would agree many today celebrate Easter and Christmas in “pagan” fashion.

    However, to imply that vigorous and active Christians should take the view it is a purely pagan holiday, when the church leadership intent is to spread the joy of the gospel message, is very offputting and possibly offensive.

    Everyday is Easter and Christmas for me because Jesus is my savior and redeemer.

  18. old baldy


    Christmas, Lent and Easter all have non-christian heritage. Christians just co-opted earlier traditions. Get with the facts.

    Your 4th century claim contradicts one you made earlier about how all these dates were set on an approximately 60 AD. Flexibility usually isn’t your strong suit.

  19. Kevin Scheunemann


    Your lack of facts astound me.

    I said some of the gospels were written around 60 AD. I did not make a claim church calendar dates were set at that time.

    Christmas, Easter, and Lent were set to spread the gospel of Christ Crucified and rose again to co-opt certain pagan holidays for the unbelieving church members at the time.

    To say the true gospel message of Christ at Christmas and Easter is driven and established by pagans is flat out incorrect.

    Pagan acts do occur in conjunction with those parts of church calendar, but the true purpose is to remInd Christians, and hopefully unbelievers, to keep Christ at center of our lives.

    If you are making the claim the true gospel message of Christ’s redemption is “pagan”, that destroys the very meaning of the term.

    I realize you openly strive to stay beyond Christ’s redemption because you feel you know better. Why you work to derail those striving toward Christ, whether at Christmas or Easter, or anytime, is another matter altogether.

    You want to bring others down with you on the path to eternity?

  20. Mark Maley

    OB is just stating what laymen have always been told, that the early church had to compete with the other parties and festivities of the day ( a prayerful version of bread and circus ) for the eyeballs of the potentially converted

    I don’t think OB or others like myself
    Are trying to bring others down . Our concerns are evidence based for ourselves .

    When you and Dad discuss the differences
    Between real Christianity and Catholicism
    Folks like OB and I hear 2 guys talking about whose brand of magical thinking is better

    Even if we never get all the way over to your side , assume we have best wishes for all, just as true believers do

  21. Kevin Scheunemann


    Good intentions are dangerous without absolute truth.

    You can have good intentions, but without a solid foundation of absolute truth, there is no way to reasonably discern right from wrong. Intentions, good, or not, can shift, and be hurtful, based on foolish human desires.

    For instance, when you say “best wishes for all”…does that include the unborn? In that case, you have been solidly in the past, supportive of rounding the unborn up for orderly extermination at the Planned Parenthood abortion camps. You can take that position because you reject absolute truth. (Christ blesses and grants life from conception.) Your shifting human desire rejects the idea that these are precious lives vs “best wishes for all” applying to the most innocent lives among us.

    In the same way, if you proudly live a life rejecting Jesus, you are sending the message to others, a message even more dangerous than your position toward the lives of the unborn, it’s perfectly OK to live a life apart from Jesus and that it does not have eternal consequences.

    However, you have “best wishes” toward others.

    You should consider living beyond just the moment, and consider expanding your statement to the eternal application.

    Apologize for the bluntness, just something to ponder.

  22. old baldy


    Well put.


    You try to put your words in the mouths of others. Does that make you “more christian”? All of what you attribure to me are your personal twist, not something I wrote.

    “I realize you openly strive to stay beyond Christ’s redemption because you feel you know better. Why you work to derail those striving toward Christ,”. An absolute lie. Don’t you have a commandment regarding that?

    As I have said numerous times, I don’t care one whit what you believe, nor anyone else. But for you to claim you have the one and only way to salvation is utter nonsense..

  23. Kevin Scheunemann


    When you say, “Most modern christian holidays and rituals have a root in non-christian history. Get used to it.”

    You are openly trying to make 2 important Christian holidays unimportant to Christians and non-Christians, by demeaning the celebration, and diminishing it’s Gospel message,….that is hurtful.

    You are telling Christians that the gospel message of Christ through these 2 major celebrations is pagan in it’s origin.

    Try to be more sensitive.

  24. old baldy


    “You are openly trying to make 2 important Christian holidays unimportant to Christians and non-Christians”. No, I am not. You are the one trying to make that point, not I. Once again in your quest to be the all-knowing and always correct kevin you resort to your Book of Made Up Stuff. I don’t care if you worship your grandmothers Buick, or celebrate the birth date of your cat with a party.

  25. Kevin Scheunemann


    So that is a “no” on being more sensitive?

  26. old baldy


    I’m plenty sensitive. But I don’t tolerate BS very well. Make up whatever answer you want.

  27. Kevin Scheunemann


    I’ll bite. Where did I engage in “BS” on this thread?

  28. old baldy


    Start here, “The racist rhetoric from Trump is usually what we hear from typical liberals”, then read every other post you made on this thread. That should be a good start for you..

  29. Kevin Scheunemann


    Are you denying that liberals constantly sort people by race?

    Especially when it comes to victimization politics?

  30. old baldy



    No, that is your strong suit.

  31. Mark Maley

    I don’t need a man made church’s absolute truth to live a life of concern for others .

    The fact I do so without the insurance policy of eternal bliss in Heaven or the New Testament ‘s creation , burning in hell fire might put me a leg up on others , if I didn’t beleive that when you’re dead, you’re dead .

    You have every right to sell your position , I just can’t get over the jumps in logic and wordsmithing it takes to come out with
    An absolute sense of what God wants and a willingness to tell everyone that doesn’t believe as you do that they are irrefutably wrong

    As far as abortion goes , you need to convince my daughters that you and those of your belief know better about how they should handle pregnancies than they do.

    If you can make that case , quit the Ice cream business and come to work selling for me

  32. old baldy


    Great post.

  33. Kevin scheunemann


    You seriously deny liberals sort by race?

    Ever hear of NAACP, Black Student Union, or any other Hispanic rights group?

    One group went ape when they found out a white women was leading their NAACP group out west.

    You must be very blind to liberal racism.

  34. Kevin scheunemann


    Don’t worry, many of the godless think those who believe in God are irrefutably wrong, so the godless do have absolutes as well, it just is not the truth.

    If your daughters accept the fact life begins at conception, it’s an easy sale about what is right. If they believe in dehumanizing the conception, like planned parenthood and NARAL does, (and surprisingly had a hissy fit over the Doritos SB commercial) any atrocity can be justified against any life, as we see in history.

  35. old baldy




    So what.


  36. Kevin scheunemann

    So when liberals scream “black lives matter” and conservatives say ” all lives matter”, including police officers, and liberals go nuts over that….that is not liberal racism?

    Widespread liberal racism cannot be denied in the current liberal lexicon.

  37. old baldy



    Yes it can.

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