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2117, 23 Feb 16

Senate Judiciary Committee to Hold Off on SCOTUS Hearings

Good. I don’t know where the Senate Republicans found a backbone, but I’m glad they dug it out of storage.

The Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee have officially declared they will not hold a hearing on anyone President Obama nominates for the Supreme Court.

In a letter today, signed by all 11 Republicans on the 20-member committee, the members tell their Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, they will “not hold hearings on any Supreme Court nominee until after our next president is sworn in on January 20, 2017.”


2117, 23 February 2016


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Republicans are adopting the past Obama and Biden approach to this.

    So not only are they finding the backbone, they are acting in cooperative bipartisan fashion!

  2. old baldy

    Hmmm, which D’s don’t want a hearing? And if you refer to past R moves to get last year appointees approved as well. Start with Reagan.

  3. Pat

    Kevin said: “Republicans are adopting the past Obama and Biden approach to this.
    So not only are they finding the backbone, they are acting in cooperative bipartisan fashion!”

    Which makes Republicans as bad as Democrats. This why we see Trump the front runner of the Republican party.

  4. Mark Maley

    The Dems get the issue for its base

    “Just another example of obstruction in politics and the deligitimizing of the first African American President that began with the night of his Inauguration and Mr Trumps
    Birther movement .

    With every Trump primary win, Hillary’s opportunity to replace Scalia’s origionalism
    Argument with his polar opposite looks better and better

  5. Dan

    Yeah, Mark, keep drinking the Kool Aid.
    The democrats/liberals are responsible for far more disasters wit Supreme Court nominations.
    How about Robert Bork and they treated him?
    How about Clarence Thomas and the lying Anita Hill.
    Liberals and Democrats are the racists, from their policies and their actions. The Democrat party is the party of racists, from the time they first organized and they have not changed over time.
    So, get over your false racist accusations, just by being liberal, you are a racist.

  6. Dave

    The Democrats and Liberals are racists?! Yeah, thank you Republicans for your Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act! Dan, you’ve spiked your Kool Aid with some bad sh*t.

    What the hell is bipartisan about the 11 Republicans on the committee voting not to hold hearings? Biden’s comments in the early 90’s were merely the political hot air of the opposing party. You ought to recognize that Kevin. The nominee then, and every one since the founding of the Republic, have been voted on, up or down, within 125 days of their nomination! Most were voted on much sooner than that. There are over 300 days left in the term of this president. Senate: Do Your Job!

  7. Dan

    Umm, Dave, The GOP did pass the Civil and Voting rights acts with little support from the democrats and especially, the Southern democrats, so, sir, you really need to learn about Democrats and racism and how they encouraged racism and continue to support it with their policies.

  8. old baldy


    LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act. Bork said he did not support it and that cost him later on.

    And if you want to see how D’s switched to R’s, look up “Southern Strategy”. Sometimes history has some value.

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