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1441, 17 Feb 16

Pastafarian Headgear Allowed


The station reports that the Department of Transportation has instructed all DMV offices to recognize colanders as religious headwear after receiving a letter from the man’s lawyer.

Attorney, Derek Allen told WTMJ that his client is a Pastafarian and was denied his religious right as a member of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, which was first established in 2005.

The religion denies it is satirical or intended to be humorous, but says it is based in science.

It describes heaven as a place with a “beer volcano” and a “stripper factory.” It attributes the invention of the lawn sprinkler to the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Anyone can become ordained for a $25 fee.


1441, 17 February 2016


  1. Billiam

    Welcome to the Idiocracy. It will only grow.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    This “church” was just afforded more rights than your average Christian.

  3. old baldy

    Utah and Texas allow the wearing of the religious headgear and they are pretty conservative states. Doesn’t the constitution guarantee freedom of religion?? I’m sure if you had your lawyer request that you be allowed to wear a DQ cup on your noggin for your ID photo it would be allowed on religious grounds.

  4. Kevin Scheunemann


    So intolerant liberals would not have convulsions if someone wore a crucifix on their person?

    If you deny that, the fun will really begin on the storied history of liberal censorship.

  5. old baldy


    OK, I’ll bite. I deny whatever you said. Mainly because it has nothing to do with the article in question. I see folks wearing crucifixes (crucifixi ?) every day and have yet to see any convulsions in response. Nor do I care if they wear a pasta strainer, watermelon, or an albatross. It’s a free country. Try to remember that.

  6. Dan

    Would they allow someone who ashes on their foreheads from Ash Wednesday?
    Would the State allow that on a ID?
    Would the state allow the Amish women to wear their bonnets if they wanted an ID? Yeah I know the Amish don’t take pictures but if need a State ID to vote, how do they get to vote?
    Same with Old Order Mennonites.
    And it will be just a matter of time when muslim women will wear burkas in their IDs.
    So, this is a really stupid ruling and the State backed down.

  7. old baldy

    The DMV requirement is that the face be visible. Others, Sikhs for example can wear a turbin if it is pushed back from the face. The state didn’t back down, they followed the first amendment. That is part of the constitution, remember?

  8. 3rd Way

    Silliness all around and turtles all the way down.

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