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0840, 09 Feb 16

New Hampshire Primary

A state representing about 0.3% of the population of the country is going to the polls today to choose the parties’ nominees. Including Iowa, that means that slightly over 1% of the American people will have actually had the opportunity to cast a vote. Barring an upset, Trump and Sanders will win. The interesting results will be what happens with the rest of the results. I just hope there are good candidates left by the time Wisconsin votes!


0840, 09 February 2016


  1. old baldy

    I was recently in a state where they have a minimum wage over $10. Almost every establishment I entered had “Help Wanted” signs in the window. It sure looked like business was booming. While I have no empirical data to prove anything, my observations would lead me to believe that a higher minimum wage didn’t hurt employment opportunities.

  2. old baldy

    Sorry, wrong thread.

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