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2125, 09 Feb 16

Assembly Delays Vote to Allow Counties to Increase Sales Taxes

Kill this bill.

After bumping to the end of the calendar a bill that would let local governments enact half-cent sales tax increases to pay for roadwork, GOP leaders now won’t say for sure if the legislation will get a vote.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos would answer directly when Dems asked him f the bill would get a vote.

“I have every intention of really working hard to make that happen,” the Rochester Republican said.

Under the amended AB 210, local governments can enact the increase for four years if they get referendum approval. Rep. Dean Knudson, R-Hudson, is the bill author.

I’m glad to see that my representative is voting against this. All Republicans should. This bill would result in tax increases and is a rather naked attempt by the Republican leadership to find a way to increase taxes and transportation spending while disavowing responsibility for it.

Just say no.


2125, 09 February 2016


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