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1623, 08 Feb 16

Minimum Wage Kills Jobs

Yup. It’s almost as if the laws of economics were at play… hmmmm…

A Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco review paper recently found that minimum wages had “directly reduced the number of jobs nationally by about 100,000 to 200,000.” And now a new survey of recent data by Jed Graham of Investor’s Business Daily (h/t RCP) found that minimum wage hikes seem to have taken a toll on hiring in some of America’s major metropolitan areas


1623, 08 February 2016


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    This article is like saying the sky is blue.

    Is there anyone out there claiming higher minimum wage does not kill jobs?

  2. Pat

    Think of the job creation that would take place if we could eliminate the minimum wage and have everyone take a pay cut.

  3. old baldy

    I was recently in a state where they have a minimum wage over $10. Almost every establishment I entered had “Help Wanted” signs in the window. It sure looked like business was booming. While I have no empirical data to prove anything, my observations would lead me to believe that a higher minimum wage didn’t hurt employment opportunities.

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