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2130, 06 Feb 16

Soldiers and Sailors Are Bigger


The bottom line is that sailors, like soldiers, have typically increased in size since the late ’80s and ’90s.

The Army’s study, published in 2012, concluded that soldiers were no taller than before, but were wider and heavier than in 1988, when the Army had last done a soldier-size study.

On average, male soldiers were only .016 inch taller but 15.4 pounds heavier. Chest circumference increased by 2.65 inches, waist circumference by 3.09 inches and buttock circumference by 1.41 inches. Shoulder breadth was  0.73 inches wider.

Female soldiers, on average, are actually  .035 inches shorter now than they were 25 years ago, but 12.6 pounds heavier. Female chest circumference increased 1.56 inches, waist circumference by 2.7 inches larger and buttock circumference by 2.14 inches. Shoulder breadth for women increased by 0.69 inches.


2130, 06 February 2016


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