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1125, 06 Feb 16

Cookie Bill Moves Ahead

Here it is:

The cookie bill proposal would allow people to bake in their homes, unregulated, and sell their products for up to $7,500 a year.

Right now, it is illegal in Wisconsin for people to bake some food in their home and sell it. The argument for this prohibition is not without merit. Food cooked in the home is not required to follow the same standards for cleanliness and cross-contamination as food cooked in commercial kitchens. As such, there is a risk to people who eat food cooked in a home.

On the other hand, most of us eat food cooked in the home quite often and without incident. Also, consumers are generally savvy enough to know the risks involved with eating home-cooked food, and those with sever food allergies are particularly cognizant of the food they eat. Not to mention the fact that food cooked in commercial kitchens don’t have a 100% safety record either (Chipotle, Blue Bell, etc.).

In the end, it does not appear that the relative risks justify the need for prohibiting the sale of home cooked baked goods. I realize that the commercial food companies oppose this for fear of it impacting their revenue, but that’s not a good enough reason for regulations either.

Pass the bill and if people dropping dead from eating a home-cooked cookie becomes a problem, then reconsider reinstating the prohibition. We don’t need our government to regulate everything we do just because of a theoretical risk to our safety.


1125, 06 February 2016


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