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2102, 03 Jan 16

California Gun Confiscation Law Goes Into Effect

Scary stuff.

A new California law takes effect January 1 that allows legally-owned guns to be confiscated if family or friends believe the owner is a threat to themselves or others.

It’s called AB-1014 and it comes after the mass shooting in May 2014 that claimed six lives in Isla Vista, California.

Before the shooting, the suspect uploaded a video to YouTube discussing his plans as well as a 107,000 word manifesto, both of which were circulated minutes before he began killing.

The new law will allow family members who believe someone may be violent to apply for a “Gun Violence Restraining Order.”


With AB-1014, a family member only has to have a gut feeling to petition for a temporary restraining order. For the process to start, a judge has to sign off on the order.

Incidental, the law provides that the firearms and ammunition should be returned to the owner upon expiration of the restraining order. Given how we’ve seen this work in other areas, how much of a hassle do you think that will be? And if the order is based upon the hunch of a neighbor, how does the accused prove that the order is wrong?


2102, 03 January 2016


  1. dad29

    “Psychiatric problems”: the Gulag was made for them!!

  2. Mike

    This is what my 7th grade civics teacher warned about. The old USSR put dissidents in psych wards. I see we have started disarming them first.

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