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1739, 29 Dec 15

Conservationist Rep. Kleefisch Conserves Ammo

But did he get to keep the jake?

Most hunters would be well-served by spending a lot more time practicing their basic marksmanship. Wisconsin Rep. Joel Kleefisch (R-Oconomowoc) might be better served if he stops being too efficient.

Kleefisch said Monday he was hunting Sunday in Waukesha County when he killed the tom as well as a nearby jake with pellets from the same shot.

He said he didn’t mean to shoot the jake but called a warden because he lacked a tag for the second bird. He was told he would be cited since he was warned several years ago about being sure of his target when he dropped three geese with one shot.

Hunters, like any shooter, have a responsibility to be aware of their target and what is beyond it, including other animals.

Hat tip Dad29.


1739, 29 December 2015


  1. John Foust

    Shouldn’t we argue that he’s a bad shot?

  2. Hello

    Maybe he should stop hunting with 4 1/2″ 6 gauge shells

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