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2159, 26 Dec 15

Peyton Manning Linked to Human Growth Hormone Scandal

This looks a lot like a news organization trying to drum up ratings during a very slow period. Excuse me while I yawn and go back to eating leftovers.

The Huffington Post reported that Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit on Sunday will air a special report that alleges an Indianapolis anti-aging clinic sent human growth hormone to Peyton Manning’s wife. That is a performance-enhancing drug banned by the NFL.

The Post reported that a British hurdler named Liam Collins is behind the report which looks at the use of performance-enhancing drugs around the world. The report apparently found that a clinic mailed human growth hormone to Manning’s wife, Ashley Manning.

According to the Huffington Post, “Manning’s agent denied the details of the report to Al Jazeera, calling (pharmacist Charlie) Sly’s assertions ‘outrageous and wrong.’ 


2159, 26 December 2015


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Al Jazeera reporting. That alone means I dismiss it as bunk.

  2. Mark Maley

    Sport has used alcohol , amphetamines ,steroids and now HGH to either recover from or forget injury and exhaustion.

    The NFL schedules Thursday games after a Sunday night one for a team, then is shocked, shocked that the players are using whatever will get them ready .

    I believe they all probably used HGH and I could care less .

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