Omnibus Spending Bill Vote Tomorrow


Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) announced to the House Republican Conference on Tuesday night that leaders have reached a sweeping year-end deal on taxes and funding the government after days of intense negotiations.

The full text of the 2009-page omnibus bill was posted online early Wednesday morning at about 1:30 a.m.

The delayed posting of the omnibus text means that in order to adhere to the so-called three-day rule, House GOP leaders will have to wait until Friday to hold a vote on the legislation.

Lawmakers had exited a Tuesday night House GOP conference meeting with the expectation of voting Thursday on the spending package. But Ryan is unlikely to want to waive the self-imposed rule less than two months into his Speakership on such a massive bill, meaning the vote will likely slip to Friday.

So a giant crap sandwich of legislation that is a 90% capitulation to¬†Obama is 2009 pages that legislators will have less than 72 hours to read, digest, and vote on… looks like Ryan is just a skinnier, younger, bearded version of Boehner.