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1411, 17 Dec 15

Omnibus Spending Bill Vote Tomorrow


Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) announced to the House Republican Conference on Tuesday night that leaders have reached a sweeping year-end deal on taxes and funding the government after days of intense negotiations.

The full text of the 2009-page omnibus bill was posted online early Wednesday morning at about 1:30 a.m.

The delayed posting of the omnibus text means that in order to adhere to the so-called three-day rule, House GOP leaders will have to wait until Friday to hold a vote on the legislation.

Lawmakers had exited a Tuesday night House GOP conference meeting with the expectation of voting Thursday on the spending package. But Ryan is unlikely to want to waive the self-imposed rule less than two months into his Speakership on such a massive bill, meaning the vote will likely slip to Friday.

So a giant crap sandwich of legislation that is a 90% capitulation to Obama is 2009 pages that legislators will have less than 72 hours to read, digest, and vote on… looks like Ryan is just a skinnier, younger, bearded version of Boehner.


1411, 17 December 2015


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Yet again, socialist Democrats get nearly everything they want.

  2. dad29

    To be fair, Ryan’s not a drunk with an orange tan.

  3. old baldy

    Odd that with the R’s in control of both houses of Congress that they can’t get whatever they want. Can’t blame the D’s for the way it turned out.

  4. Steve Austin

    And frankly for me the biggest problem is that Ryan once again whores himself out to big business interests by quadrupling the H2 visas for low wage immigrants.

    Thought Ace of Spades had a good piece on it tonight. Really sums up where I’m at right now.

    These guys like Charlie Sykes and Paul Ryan just don’t get it. A lot of US workers are waking up to the fact that the GOPe has sold them out for profit and the Dems have sold them out for newly minted foreign voters who will vote Dem.

  5. Steve Austin

    By the way, if I lived in Ryan’s district I would personally start up an effort to primary him like how Dave Brat knocked out Eric Cantor. I think there are enough working class people in that district who have been hit hard by the economy the past decade to pull it off.

  6. Steve Austin

    I love how Marco Rubio didn’t want to show up this morning to vote for or against this.

    Have a hard time seeing how he convinces the 55-60% of us locked into Cruz or Trump from coming over to him as a compromise candidate later during the primaries.

    I think GOPe just blew their opportunity (Rubio) to knock Cruz or Trump out of this thing as the primaries go forward. Rubio was the best shot.

  7. Mark Maley

    The left and Hillary is rejoicing today if the choice comes down to Trump and Cruz .

    Before anyone says it – neither is Ronald Reagan and both will lose in the general ( for different reasons )

  8. Steve Austin

    Nah Mark, your doom and gloom nonsense Jedi mind tricks don’t work. If Trump gets the nomination he’s going to get a hard look from a lot of working class democrats and is going to pull in a ton of them. And with Trump you won’t have Hillary shouting “war on women, he’ll take your birth control!” since even Jay Z knows Trump is liberal on social issues.

    In the case of Cruz it may be a harder climb, but if there is a major terror incident on US soil at any point between now and next November, I think the die is cast against Hillary due to the fact she’ll be seen as an architect of ISIS by virtue of her neglect during the time as SOS.

  9. Steve Austin

    It appears 95 House GOP’ers voted against this. Glenn Grothman voted for it.

    Any thoughts Owen? Would seem out of character for Glenn based on his record in the State.

  10. Owen

    Glenn is conservative, but has always been a loyal soldier for leadership when they want him. This is perfectly in character.

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