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0702, 15 Dec 15

Best Seats in the House

This would be fantastic.

Instead, this concept aims to give passengers an even better view of the skies than the pilot’s by seating them on top of the plane, inside a transparent bubble-style canopy.

U.S. aerospace technology company Windspeed says its SkyDeck design can be installed on a variety of aircraft, from private jets to wide-bodied commercial planes.

Passengers access the seats, either via an elevator or staircase. Once inside they can rotate the twin or single seats through 360-degrees, enjoying incredible sky vistas.


0702, 15 December 2015


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    The plane where the entire interior cabin is an LED screen reflection of the view outside the plane is a fascinating concept as well.

  2. JSR

    I was on a flight where a passenger near me was afraid of flying. She cried and moaned the whole flight (about an hour). I hate to think what she would have done if the aircraft had the LED screen.

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