Agreement Reached at COP21

Here are the key provisions.

The measures in the agreement included:

• To peak greenhouse gas emissions as soon as possible and achieve a balance between sources and sinks of greenhouse gases in the second half of this century

• To keep global temperature increase “well below” 2C (3.6F) and to pursue efforts to limit it to 1.5C

• To review progress every five years

• $100 billion a year in climate finance for developing countries by 2020, with a commitment to further finance in the future.

So basically, every country is going to try to reduce emissions and the wealthier countries will give the poorer countries a pile of money. I’m sure that the $100 billion will be spent judiciously and fairly just like it has been in the past. Uh huh…

Think of it this way… America will depress our economy and borrow billions of dollars to give to other countries to waste it. Lovely.