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1104, 09 Dec 15

Wisconsin Attorney General Tells Doe Prosecutor to Obey Supreme Court Ruling

Indeed, he should.

This has been a long, unfortunate chapter in Wisconsin’s history. The courts have unequivocally rejected the John Doe investigation, both in the manner in which it was carried out, as well as the legal arguments brought by the prosecutors. The Wisconsin Supreme Court has now ordered that the property seized be returned. For everyone involved, the special prosecutor should end the case, and the property seized from the individuals in this case should be returned immediately.

Will the Supreme Courts ruling be enforced?



1104, 09 December 2015

1 Comment

  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    AG should march into the office and handcuff all of them for contempt of the State Supreme Court.

    I’d even support sending Chisolm, at this point, to Club Gitmo.

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