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2210, 13 Nov 15

Paris Hit

Prayers for Parisians.

France has declared a national state of emergency and has closed its borders after at least 120 people were killed in gun and bomb attacks in Paris.

Some 80 people are reported to have died at the Bataclan concert hall in central Paris.

Gunmen took many hostages there before being overpowered by police.

Others died in a reported suicide blast near the Stade de France and gun attacks on city centre restaurants. Seven attackers are reported killed.

Paris residents have been asked to stay indoors and about 1,500 military personnel are being deployed across the city.


2210, 13 November 2015


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    The French president summed it up well by saying, this is an “act of war”.

    Question is: do we have the courage to win it?

    If France has to be the leader of freedom against Islamic tyranny, the world is losing this war.

  2. Mark Maley

    The name changes but the verbiage stays the same

    Nice move attacking our Kev to change things up

    Getting old fast

  3. Kevin Scheunemann


    “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me.” Matthew 5:11

    I appreciate the blessings received.

  4. Steve Austin

    This is not easy yet at the same time the answer is what Bush Sr. did in 1990. If you truly could get an international coalition, including Russia to commit significant ground troops to the region, you could stamp out ISIS and then send all these refugees “home” although reportedly many aren’t even from Syria.

    But I saw a French commentator on CNN this morning call out Obama to understand his legacy rests on whether he stamps out ISIS. The CNN reporter then asked this Frenchman about France putting boots on the ground in Syria and the guy hemmed and hawed.

    I’d lock up our borders, stop the immigration/refugee nonsense from coming here and then see what Europe wants to do. They need to be equal partners in anything that is done.

  5. Mark Maley

    Nice analysis SA

    Agree 100%

  6. Dan

    To Mark, you lie.
    You don’t want our borders sealed up. Hell, that would end all the Hispanics coming in here and this is what you liberals want.

  7. Mark Maley

    Fun with names strikes again

    Apologies !

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