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0620, 10 Nov 15

Presidential Debate in Milwaukee Tonight

It should be fun to watch.

MILWAUKEE (AP) — Organizers are promising to focus on substance when eight Republicans face off on the main stage for the GOP’s fourth presidential debate.

While that’s the plan, big personalities and rising tensions in the unsettled 2016 field could make for an unpredictable Tuesday evening in Milwaukee. Donald Trump and Ben Carson are fighting to maintain their place atop the polls, while others — including Jeb Bush — are fighting for their political survival in the 9 p.m. EST event.

It’s also a nice little boost to downtown businesses. Hotel rooms and dinner reservations have been a bit more difficult to get in downtown yesterday and today.


0620, 10 November 2015


  1. Mark Maley

    Ben Carson gets to tell us how we really need to believe he tried to knife someone and hit his Mom with a hammer.

    Then he will prayerfully ask for our support

  2. Kevin Scheunemann


    Got to give you credit. That is one of the best political, drive-by, hit jobs I’ve ever seen.

  3. Mark Maley

    It is a little weird isnt it?

    My sense is that he was a quiet , super nerd
    Who became a brilliant surgeon

    That ought to be more than enough.
    As a kid who went to school in the inner city ,
    The knife story just doesn’t wash

    What next ? A bullet stopped by a pocket bible?

  4. Kevin Scheunemann


    This is all new to me.

    Didn’t know we could investigate backrounds of African American candidates.

    I was always told that investigating African American candidates was racism.

  5. old baldy

    Maybe Carson could also explain his “full scholarship” to West Point, and how Joseph built the pyramids.

  6. scott

    “I was always told that investigating African American candidates was racism.”

    No you weren’t. Stop acting like such a victim.

  7. scott

    Ben Carson claims he once tried to stab someone, that he was a violent teenager. No surprise that the media would like to talk to someone about it, someone who was there. That’s not racism, that’s following up on a surprising claim made by a man running for president. (And the fact that no one can corroborate any of it is weird.)

    I’m sorry, but he’s a strange dude. There’s something wrong with him. He doesn’t seem to understand how our system of government works and doesn’t really seem to care. He tells strange stories about himself that no one else remembers. He believes Joseph of the bible built the pyramids to, uh, store grain. The guy has no business in the white house without a tour guide.

  8. Kevin Scheunemann


    Using past liberal rhetoric tactics, wouldn’t this be a “racist insurrection against Ben Carson”?

  9. scott

    I think it’s on you to explain why it is, if that is indeed what you think. And I’m sure it isn’t. So I’m not sure why we’re having this conversation.

  10. Kevin Scheunemann


    Shouldn’t we be taking the “blind eye” approach to his past because he is African American like we did with Obama?

    Or is this a rare liberal case where content of character matters, and not skin color?

    I get mixed signals from liberals, sometimes it’s all about skin color and character content does not matter like Michael Brown and Dontre Hamilton…both of whom were outright violent criminals….why would you not view Ben through the same black victimhood lens?

    Or conversely, why don’t you treat the criminals I mentioned with the same incredulity you view Ben Carson who did far less?

  11. Mark Maley

    The adults said it was impossible to deport
    11,000,000 people and they got booed .

    Gotta love the Republican base

  12. Mark Maley

    Ted Cruz was pleased
    Every moderator was a compliant questioner
    And candidates got to give a condensed stump speech in 90 second sound bites

    Next debate the candidates will just stand there while their campaign ads run on the screen

  13. Dan

    Just one question, why are you such a racist?

  14. Dan

    That above question is to scott. Why are you such a liberal racist?

  15. terry

    On the other side Hillary gets a full court pass on dodging bullets in Bosnia, Lying to the families of the victims of her incompetence in Benghazi, Lying to Americans on the same subject and violating her security credentials…

    All because of her political affiliation.

  16. John Foust

    Dan: What is your definition of “racist”?

  17. Dan

    John: Being a Democrat and liberal for starters.
    Liberals love to keep minorities on the liberal plantation through horrible education, welfare encouragement, refusing to address crime in inner cities, support of thugs instead of cops, supporting billions of dollars spent on poverty and yet poverty gets worse.
    Supporting the Democrat Party is being racist based on it’s history of supporting slavery, against civil and voting rights and supporting internment camps.
    Supporting Planned Parenthood, which was founded by an avowed racist.
    Being against school choice is being a racist.
    Want more?

  18. Mark Maley

    liberals want better inner city schools
    Conservatives want their private religious schools paid for and use poor kids as pawns
    To do so ( that doesn’t make them racist , just venal hypocrites )

    Liberals want a safety net
    Conservatives want tax cuts for billionaires
    And to take a knife to the safety net

    Liberals want bad cops dealt with
    Conservatives think there are no bad cops

    Liberals want banks broken up and support restrictive legislation
    Conservatives don’t understand what the current legislation does and want to make the banks even larger

    ( notice how big banks are selling off business units – please read the WSJ folks )

    Democrats were the party of racism until the 1970’s and are ashamed of it
    Conservatives became the party of racism in the 1970’s and are thrilled with it

    Liberals want everyone to vote
    Conservatives make up issues so they can restrict folks who won’t vote for them

    Liberals support Planned Parenthood and a women’s right to choose
    Conservatives hate big government but love to tell women what they can and can’t do with their vagina’s

    Liberals don’t want to go to war
    Conservatives want to go to every war that has anything resembling oil in the ground

    Liberals read a lot of books
    Conservatives know all about the one Good Book

    And so it goes

  19. John Foust

    So Dan, have you ever met any conservatives who were racist?

  20. Dan

    To John, sure, I have met conservatives who are racist but I have met a lot more liberals who were far more racist and liberal racists have killed far more minorities than the KKK could have ever dreamed about.
    And to Mark, you are so full of crap.
    Want better schools, utter BS.
    Democrats are still racists and always will be. They aren’t ashamed. Robert Byrd is revered by Democrats even though he is a KKK leader.
    Liberals don’t know how to read.
    Liberals don’t want to go to war and we get terrorism.
    Planned Parent is a racist organization founded by an avowed racist that liberals honor continuously.
    Conservatives believe in not killing babies, some liberals, including Obama and Russ Feingold have no problems with an abortion after a baby is born.
    And true, liberals want everyone to vote, including felons, illegal aliens, double voters and they have no problems if someone’s vote is disenfranchised.
    I guess Mark, based on your views, you must be one hell of a proud liberal racist.

  21. scott

    I see the bullshit is being spread pretty deeply here tonight. One at a time…

    “I have met conservatives who are racist but I have met a lot more liberals who were far more racist”

    No you haven’t. Maybe in your fever-dream imagination you have. But not in the reality-based world.

    “liberal racists have killed far more minorities than the KKK could have ever dreamed about.”

    What is this about, abortion? Don’t get me started. I will devastate the entire pro-life movement so hardcore that you will be reduced to personal attacks within a few hours.

    “Liberals don’t know how to read.”

    Yeah, we’re so uneducated and stuff.

    “Liberals don’t want to go to war and we get terrorism.”

    This kind of shit is the main reason why people like me don’t even listen to you guys anymore. I don’t even bother weighing your arguments in this area. You backed W and his misadventures in Iraq and Afghanistan–and these are the main reasons for the rise of ISIS today. Obama criticism? Sure! But not your criticism. You’ve clearly so demonstrated your head-up-your-ass analysis that I’ve got no more time for you.

    “Planned Parent is a racist organization”

    False. Planned Parenthood is an organization doing two things: reducing sexually transmitted infections and, as its name implies, making reproduction a planned (rather than accidental) occurrence.

    “some liberals, including Obama and Russ Feingold have no problems with an abortion after a baby is born.”


    “liberals want everyone to vote, including felons, illegal aliens, double voters and they have no problems if someone’s vote is disenfranchised.”

    False. You might have half a point about felons. Many people would like to see voting rights reinstated after penalties served. But the rest of it? Totally nonsense. It’s far more accurate to say that conservatives are suppressing votes of minorities and other Democratic-Leaning voters all over the country. I see what you do. First you pass voter ID laws–a solution looking for a problem if ever there was one. Then you close DMV locations–primarily in minority counties. Weird coincidence! Don’t act like we were born fucking yesterday.

  22. scott

    I stand corrected: reduced to personal attacks within minutes. Got ya.

  23. John Foust

    Dan: You gave me your definition of racism. You said you’ve met conservatives who were racist. Do you mean they were racist by the definition you gave me, or do you mean some other kind of racism?

    You seem capable of identifying racism and racists throughout the past 150 years. Which definition of racism are you using when you talk about the KKK?

  24. Mark Maley

    I am a social liberal who can read a balance sheet

    I believe in the rights of women ( not the rights men would give to women )

    I am a practitioner of bull shit ( salesman)
    But step aside in the presence of true greatness ( Republican presidential candidates who can cut my 1%er taxes , wage war everyplace , build walls and balance the budget )

    I know that education in the inner city deserves any and all options ( including choice ) but draw the line at folks who want their kids educated in their own religion ( any religion ) on the taxpayer dime

    I know that there are only anecdotal instances of voter fraud and that legislative efforts to suppress voting are led by a party
    That has lost the demographic war and that this will only get worse for them in the future

    And as a small business owner , I experienced first hand how insurance companies could cancel me for any reason and consistently hit me with 8-10% increase pre Obamacare and that my rates dropped 30% when it put competition back into a corrupt system .

    So I’m a liberal who lives in the real world

    I would prayerfully ask you to turn off Fox News and live in that Real World

    All the best


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