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2208, 25 Oct 15

Laylah Petersen’s Alleged Killer Used Stolen Gun

Do any of y’all anti-gun guys want to tell me which law we could have passed to prevent this guy from getting a gun?

Those two shootings aren’t the only ones resulting from a feud over the camouflage gun, according to court records:

It all started when Forbes asked a friend if he could hook him up with another guy, who had a gun for sale. The friend, with Forbes along, bought the camo 9mm, a clip and four bullets for $400. When he went home and hid it, Forbes went with him, staying the night because he had nowhere else to sleep.

Two days later, the man’s girlfriend said Forbes couldn’t keep sleeping there. Before he left, Forbes took the gun — but he didn’t tell his friend he had done so. When the man realized the weapon was missing, he called Forbes. A profanity-laced argument ensued, and Forbes threatened to kill him.


2208, 25 October 2015

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  1. scott

    I don’t know. But do you think the guy who paid the $400 for the gun would have passed a background check? Maybe. Maybe not. Or we could have done like Australia did and just forbid the ownership of automatic weapons period. Seems to have worked pretty well for them. It might also be smart to hold people criminally liable if someone steals their unsecured firearm and uses it in a crime. Or is that the case already?

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