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0852, 23 Oct 15

Texas Officials Investigate Planned Parenthood

Bearing in mind that this entire story is built on the comments and positioning of the organization being investigated because officials can’t comment, can you imagine if this was going on in Wisconsin?

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Health investigators served subpoenas seeking hundreds of pages of patient and staff records at Planned Parenthood clinics across Texas on Thursday, as officials move to halt Medicaid funding to the organization that has been repeatedly targeted by the state’s top conservatives.

Planned Parenthood said investigators visited clinics in Houston, Dallas and San Antonio, and a health center that does not provide abortions in Brownsville, on the Mexico border. They asked for patient health records and billing documents dating back to 2010, as well as personnel files that included the home addresses of staff members, Planned Parenthood said.


Republican Gov. Greg Abbott ordered state health officials to investigate after anti-abortion activists released undercover videos they allege show Planned Parenthood officials talking about the illegal sale of fetal tissue for profit. One of the videos was filmed at a Planned Parenthood in Houston. An investigation also is ongoing in Congress.

We can make some educated guess that officials in Texas are investigating whether Planned Parenthood, as an organization, systematically marketed and sold dead babies to the highest bidder as the videos indicate. If true, then Planned Parenthood’s activities are both morally reprehensible and illegal. Good for Texas for taking the alleged crimes seriously and investigating them for what they are – crimes. If the videos showed Koch Industries officials colluding to violate environmental laws to sell oil to the highest bidder, liberals would be protesting in the streets to have just this kind of investigation.



0852, 23 October 2015


  1. scott

    Investigate away. Several other states have. Guess what they found?

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    Extermination factories akin to Auschwitz.

    Local German population couldn’t believe something so monstrous was in their backyard either.

  3. scott

    Indiana, Missouri Massachusetts and Pennsylvania all investigated Planned Parenthood in the wake of those videos. They all found no evidence of any wrongdoing. Weird. It’s almost like the videos were, you know, lies.

  4. scott

    I forgot Georgia, South Dakota and Florida, None of their investigations found anything either.

    Wonder how the others will turn out?

  5. Mark Maley

    The high water mark of Carly Fiorina’s campaign was when she looked steely eyed into the camera and talked about the Planned Parenthood video that she had seen that showed all the terrible things everyone is talking about . She even asked President Obama to watch the video and comment

    The only problem as that there was no PP video as she fervently described . None , Zero .Nada

    This is a bogus video , a bogus issue and a dodge for white evangelical men to make sure they have control of women reproductive systems – just like Muslims and Fundamentalist Mormons do .

    As I’ve said before , if men could have babies , plan B pills would be available in every store in the country in Pez dispensers, of 5,10 ,30 ,90 or 365 with the top cost of $4.00 for a super sized pack
    There would be as many abortion ads on every football game as with Viagra, Fanduel / Draft Kings and Budweiser – and you would get a tax credit for every purchase .

    And Greg Abbot is an even worse governor than our own .

    Think chillingly about that while you are drinking your beer, popping your boner pill and bemoaning the deaths of all those “babies ” created by a combination of the two .

  6. Northern Pike

    Does Planned Parenthood get an exemption from John Doe investigations?

  7. scott

    Nailed it, Mark. If any of this were genuinely about “life” or “babies” or any of that other stuff, we’d know it. We’d know it by the vast areas of common ground that we’d be working on together. But many of us have discerned the truth. The only motivation that makes sense and accounts for all the facts we see is that the pro-life movement is far more concerned with controlling women’s sexuality than it is about “life.” That is what all the facts point to.

    I’ll never fall for it again. Got no more time for it.

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