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2109, 09 Oct 15

Ryan Not Conservative Enough for Speaker

Another perspective.

Ryan helped the GOP leadership team that in January 2014 put together “principles” for “comprehensive” immigration  legislation. He has expressed support for legalizing “Dreamers” whose parent brought them to the United States illegally. His website indicates he backs a pathway to citizenship for all illegal aliens. That would effectively give them legal status during a “legal probation” period that occurs before getting the chance to become full citizens.

“A conservative deals with the world as it is — not how it should be,” he lectures on his website.

Ryan also voted for — and went out of his way to promote — the Obama-negotiated Trans-Pacific Partnership. The agreement is anathema to many conservatives concerned about ceding U.S. sovereignty to a regional trade deal, and about the pact’s effect on U.S. workers.

He just doesn’t rate well. Literally. The conservative HeritageAction organization gives him only a 57 percent rating for the current session of Congress, compared to an average for House Republicans of 68 percent.


2109, 09 October 2015


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    DC is such a far gone cesspool, it will be difficult for any conservative to fix it. Ryan would be the best choice for the impossible mission.

    As PJ O’Rourke once said, “giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys.”

  2. Mark Maley

    Paul Ryan is far to smart to waste the next 4-6 years listening to freshman congressman
    From gerrymandered districts tell him he’s not conservative enough for their tastes .

    He wants to be President , not wet nurse
    A gang of 40 who doesn’t want government to work .

    The House is on fire gents and the tea Party Congressmen would be happy to just watch it burn .

    If Will Rogers were alive , he would have changed his famous quote to
    “I don’t belong to any organized party .
    I’m a Republican !”

  3. Mark Maley

    I forgot to mention that like John Boehner,
    Rep Ryan has not been accused of any marital affairs .
    Russ Limbaugh said on the radio that he knew about the California would be speakers
    Affair for years .

    What is it about Republican Speakers ?
    Gingrich and Livingston both were inpeaching Bill Clinton for Monica Lewinsky
    Squarely in the middle of their own hidden affairs and then Denny Hassert was caught paying a former male student for inappropriate behavior as a teacher .

    I know liberals have no morals but why does the “pro family ” party want such Scalawags
    Specifically as House speaker ?

  4. Kevin scheunemann


    Would agree that Republicans should refrain from appointing leaders with cesspool-like Clinton type moral behavior.

    I blame Clinton for making this behavior acceptable and destroying the political consequences for those cesspool moral choices.

    Democrats normalized this behavior, I’m just surprised that you would call out Republicans for it.

  5. scott

    He’s not–quite–crazy enough. And that’s frightening.

    It’s alternately fun and terrifying watching the Republican party tear itself apart. Like most Republicans these days, Ryan is a fraud. He’s often thought of as a serious policy guy, but he isn’t. His real problem, though, is that he’s probably unwilling to default the united states government over political disputes. He’s just not quite that irresponsible. And that’s just not quite good enough for the tea party crazies.

    “Moral behavior”? This would be a far better world if we paid less attention to the sexual behavior of politicians and more attention to their policies. Rich, powerful and famous men often have extra-marital dalliances? I know it causes some of us to clutch our pearls and reach for the fainting couch. Others of us are more interested in things of real consequence.

  6. Mark Maley

    Washington is Hollywood for ugly people .

    Politicians have been having affairs for as long as pen ( Quill) hit paper since Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac .

    i just find it funny when the harshest critics
    Of that behavior are engaging in it themselves
    See Vitter , David and add Diapers / Washington Madame

    But don’t worry , their God forgives them .

    Which of course means that not only do they talk to God in prayer but that God talks back to them

    As Dana Carveys Church Lady might have said “How conveiniant !”

  7. Kevin Scheunemann


    Somehow, the cesspool of Hollywood justifying the cesspool in DC, does not inspire confidence in proper leadership.

    That only proves our politicians will travel to the lowest common denominator, because we let them.

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