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2011, 07 Oct 15

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Good folks.

GALVA, Ill. (October 7, 2015) – An Illinois community came together to help a man with terminal cancer harvest 450 acres of corn.

Jason Bates writes in a lengthy Facebook post that his cousin Carl Bates has terminal cancer and doesn’t have much time left to live. With his health failing, Carl’s cousin Dan Bates began to wonder how Carl would harvest his 450 acres of corn.

Dan spoke with some of Carl’s neighbors, and Dan says “it all just exploded from there.”

On Friday, September 25th, 40 neighbors and friends showed up at Carl’s farm to help him reap his harvest.

They used 10 combines, 12 grain carts, and 16 semi-trucks to harvest all 450 acres of Carl’s farm in 10 hours. According to Jason, the same amount of work normally takes an entire week!



2011, 07 October 2015

1 Comment

  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    That, right there, is the America I want to live in.

    It’s great to see good, God-fearing, Christian folk helping their neighbors like this!

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