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1031, 06 Oct 15

“disillusioned and fed up with democratic processes”

Spot on.

The spirit of our democracy is very much at issue. Donald Trump says we have a corrupt system run by stupid people. Obama says we have a corrupt system run by evil people. Both of them are part of the same problem. I really don’t give a damn if they are disillusioned and fed up with democratic processes or not. If they are tired of the game, they should stop playing it, not engage in ideological commentary or entertain fantasies of personal rule.

The best way to restore faith in our democratic structures is to spend a lifetime trying to make them work, like Hubert Humphrey did, or Jack Kemp did, or Henry Jackson did, or Ronald Reagan did, or Ted Kennedy did. But it is easier, and surely satisfying in its own way, to throw a tantrum when democracy disappoints you.


1031, 06 October 2015

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  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    In many instances, government is the worst way to get things done.

    Democracy is completely messy and that is a good thing. If one does not like to play in the mess, get out of the way and leave the mess to someone else.

    Democracy works best when you minimize the mess of government to the minimum neccesary functions of government and let people live their lives as they determine.

    The trouble comes in when the electorate wants maximize the mess that is government. Not only is it prohibitively expensive, you can end up with a egomaniac liberal in charge, you end up with 1930s Germany or today’s North Korea.

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