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2202, 28 Sep 15

State Democratic Party Chairwoman Speaks ‘Black’

Who does she think she is? Barack Obama?

New state Democratic Party Chairwoman Martha Laning was incredibly excited to see President Barack Obama earlier this year with Rep. David Bowen, an African-American lawmaker from Milwaukee.

Just how excited?

A secretly recorded video shows Laning telling an all-white group of fellow Dems about the experience, using her version of black dialect to impersonate Bowen, the party’s vice chairman, while adding that she now wants to go with a whole group of blacks to a similar event in the future.

“David is a wonderful black young man, and he’s sitting next to me,” Laning said in describing the scene at Obama’s July talk in La Crosse on the 35-second video clip. “My enjoyment of that speech, like, doubled because he’s like, ‘Yeah, you talk it — yeah, you just say it.’ He’s (doing that) the whole time.

“The two of us are popping up and cheering,” said Laning, a Sheboygan Dem. “I want to go with an entire group of black people to one of these (events).”


2202, 28 September 2015


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Democrats can’t help but notice skin color in everything they do.

    The Party is littered with people judging by skin color, which makes them racists.

  2. Mark Maley

    People of color overwhelmingly support Democrats and the gap is only going to grow

    Please continue whistling thru that graveyard

  3. Kevin Scheunemann

    So people of “color” support those Democrat white people that judge by skin color?

    No wonder liberals viciously attack conservatives like Ben Carson, David Clark who don’t tow the racist Democratic line.

  4. scott

    People of color vote for Democrats because they clearly see which party favors their interests and which disfavors them. White supremacists vote Republican for similar reasons, I suppose.

    Ben Carson? That dude is crazier than a bag of rabid weasels. This is the best the GOP can do? Him and Trump? It’s surreal.

  5. Kevin Scheunemann

    Scott, said,

    White supremacists vote Republican for similar reasons, I suppose.

    That is not entirely true. I know of white liberals, who vote socialist, or Democrat, that support the Black supremist position of separating the races.

    There is both white supremists and black supremists in the Democratic Party.

  6. scott

    On behalf of the people of earth, welcome!

  7. Kevin Scheunemann


    So you want racists in Democrat Party?

    I thought skin color shouldn’t matter.

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