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2035, 24 Sep 15

Former Clinton Scandal Person Arrested

That’s a very clumsy title, but you get my drift.

The FBI has arrested a politically prominent Chinese millionaire, the alleged secret source of foreign money in a campaign finance scandal during the Clinton administration, on charges he lied about why he brought more than $4.5 million in cash into the United States over the last two years.

Ng Lap Seng was arrested in New York last weekend by FBI agents working with federal prosecutors assigned to the public corruption squad in the Southern District of New York, according to federal authorities.

His arrest came on the same day the Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in Seattle for a state visit to the United States.


2035, 24 September 2015


  1. Titus Greenwood

    Geez! The Clintons just ooze corruption out of every pore in their corrupt and vial hides! Why aren’t BOTH of them in prison already? Oh, I forgot…they are American Royalty and as such, the law has no effect on them!

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    Hillary, bought and paid for by the Chinese.

    Ahh the Chinese….where the true war on women flourishes, where female babies are aborted for just being female.

    The Chinese, the country with the worst environmental record ever.

  3. Northern Pike

    Kevin, you do realize now that Scott Walker and the Tea Party have won their glorious First Amendment victory on behalf of unlimited, undisclosed donations to political campaigns, anyone can now be bought and paid for by the Chinese, a mining company, John Menard, Elizabeth Uihlein, etc., and the public will be none the wiser.

  4. Kevin Scheunemann


    Oh please. The current system allows unlimited, undisclosed soft money now. Democrats are the undisputed master of sucking up black money from George Soros, evil liberal billionaire that would fund the overthrow of the USA if given the chance.

    Campaign finance regulation is a farce used to punish political opponents. The cure for free speech you disagree with is more speech, not pre-dawn raids on innocent people who dare to exercise that speech.

  5. Northern Pike

    Without rules mandating disclosure of political contributions, then how can we ever know if the Chinese are influencing our elections? If Scott Walker can orchestrate the direction of campaign contributions to keep roles of Gogebic Mining and John Menard secret, then what’s to prevent any other entity, foreign or domestic, from secretly influencing our elections?

    The best defense against such scandals are pre-Citizens United, pre-John Doe disclosure rules. Those rules have been vaporized. What now?

  6. Swag

    Northern Pike:

    Full disclosure will never be accepted by the political elites. Obama and the Clintons would go to jail for accepting foreign donations. I’d like to see a complete investigation of foreign donations and mandatory prison sentences of ten years and fines equal to triple of any amounts received.

    Somehow I doubt either party would support such a move but I’d lay even money that the loudest protests would come from the Soros folks.

  7. Northern Pike

    Swag, you’re kidding, right? You’re telling me that Charles and David Koch, Diane Hendricks, Foster Friess, Woody Johnson, Paul Singer, Robert Mercer, Warren Stephens, John Menard, Joe Rickets, Norman Braman and Sheldon Adelson are to the left of George Soros when it comes to campaign finance?

    Liberals believe that campaign contributions should be limited and disclosed. Conservatives believe campaign contributions should be unlimited and undisclosed. We can argue which position is correct and which one isn’t, but nobody who follows politics can dispute that.

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