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2114, 21 Sep 15

Curefest for Childhood Cancer Event Cleared for Obama Security

What does Obama have against kids with cancer? I kid… I kid…

WASHINGTON (AP) — Authorities ordered hundreds of cancer-stricken children and their supporters to leave a park by the White House this weekend, citing security concerns as the president was scheduled to head to a speaking engagement.

The Secret Service ordered Lafayette Square cleared Saturday night as a vigil was about to begin during the two-day CureFest for Childhood Cancer, the Washington Post reports (

Organizers knew that getting cleared from the park was a possibility, organizer Michael Gillette of Fairfax City, Virginia said, but they assumed it would be for an unanticipated threat.

“We didn’t expect the president’s travel across town would cause our event to be basically canceled,” he said.


2114, 21 September 2015


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