Walker: Fiorina Was Going to Win Debate No Matter What

Ouch. Looks like some grapes are a wee bit sour.

Carly Fiorina was always going to win last night’s debate, griped rival Scott Walker, whose own performance at last night’s Republican debate was panned by political pundits.

‘I think going in, we knew the narrative, no matter what was going to happen, was that they were going to say Carly had a big night, no matter what, and obviously they said that,’ Walker said Thursday on Glenn Beck’s radio show, blaming the political media for making the call and crowning Fiorina the winner. 

While the Wisconsin governor had once been considered a top-tier GOP pick, Fiorina was among the pack’s longshots, though has been surging in the polls in recent weeks.

Perhaps, but whatever narrative may have been intended, there is no doubt that Fiorina impressed.