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2227, 17 Sep 15

Walker: Fiorina Was Going to Win Debate No Matter What

Ouch. Looks like some grapes are a wee bit sour.

Carly Fiorina was always going to win last night’s debate, griped rival Scott Walker, whose own performance at last night’s Republican debate was panned by political pundits.

‘I think going in, we knew the narrative, no matter what was going to happen, was that they were going to say Carly had a big night, no matter what, and obviously they said that,’ Walker said Thursday on Glenn Beck’s radio show, blaming the political media for making the call and crowning Fiorina the winner. 

While the Wisconsin governor had once been considered a top-tier GOP pick, Fiorina was among the pack’s longshots, though has been surging in the polls in recent weeks.

Perhaps, but whatever narrative may have been intended, there is no doubt that Fiorina impressed.


2227, 17 September 2015


  1. scott

    And there’s no doubt that Walker, who had a seat at the adult table, didn’t. He appeared weak and didn’t distinguish himself. He has no one to blame but Scott Walker.

    He was never a class-A candidate. The fact that the Wisconsin media made him out to be one makes us all look like rubes. As soon as he got national attention everyone quickly recognized he was not ready for primetime.

  2. Ryan

    He’s going to look like even more of a jerk for killing the Kenosha casino to try to woo some evangelicals in Iowa when he drops out 3 months before the caucuses there are held.

  3. Steve Austin

    Still frustrated that Walker didn’t hammer Trump on the facts relating to Wisconsin’s fiscal budget comment.

    Walker needed to simply say “Donald, does our State have a $2 billion dollar budget deficit?”.

    Trump would say “yes”.

    Then Walker says that 60 days ago we passed a balanced budget Donald. BALANCED. And the budget had in it TAX CUTS. Cuts, not increases in taxes. You the taxpayers in Wisconsin KEEP more of your MONEY.

    “Donald, please now refute what I just said. Tell me why I am wrong, because I challenge EVERY reporter in this room to look up those facts and report on it.

    “Now, let me ask YOU a question. Given your focus on immigration, would you support a requirement that voters show an ID at the polls to vote to prevent non citizens from voting? Trump would say “yes”. Walker then says I passed the most comprehensive voter ID bill in America to protect the voting rights of Wisconsin residents.

    “So ladies and gentllemen, you can see that I have actually accomplished meaningful reforms for the people of Wisconsin while you played a Thornton Mellon character on a TV show.

    But the fact Walker can’t give answers like that is the reason he is where he is.

  4. Fairs Fare

    Yup, $2 per house. Thanks Walker for the tax cut.

  5. frankruben

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  6. dad29

    So, all of a sudden, Fiorina is conservative, eh? That would be news to the California voters before whom she paraded as a “moderate” in a primary.

    Maybe Walker is getting dissed, but he’s in good company. Ask Ted Cruz.

  7. Kevin Scheunemann

    This debate will not matter in 30 days.

    Its more important Walker get some campaign managers who know what they are doing. (recognizing running a typical establishment-type campaign will probably not work with the Donald in the primary.)

  8. Jerry

    Steve Austin…………Walker could not bring up his budget because you know how he balanced it? He is having state agencies lapse [return] more than $1 billion to the General Fund during the 2015-17 biennium with $716 million in the second year alone. He didn’t stop there as he balances the 2017-19 budget by having the same agencies lapse the same amount each year of the 2017-19 biennium. This means state agencies will be giving back $2.15 billion of their budgets to the general Fund. Neither Walker nor the Republican legislators have said what services will be cut as a result of these lapsed funds. So that’s how you balance a budget when you give out unfunded tax cuts in spite of running in red ink; you simply take away services from the public but you don’t tell them about it! Also regarding the Kenosha Casino….the $2.2 million study that Walker ordered recommended the casino and concurred there would be no lawsuit risk to taxpayers from the Potowatomi and HoChunk tribes. But Walker rejected the study and never shared the results of the report with the public. Thus it is risky for Walker to stand on the national stage and defend his fiscal policies and “smoke and mirrors” budgeting!

  9. Steve Austin

    All those uh, State spending cuts haven’t impacted me. I feel I am still getting great services from our State employees and agencies. My kids in good public schools and one enthusiastically hoping to go to UW Madison in the near future.

    Meanwhile I have more money to save or spend courtesy of my property taxes going down, down, down. Including better being able to afford UW tuition.


  10. Fairs Fare

    As long as you haven’t been impacted it’s all fine. As long as your kids public schools are good it’s all fine. As long as you can better afford for your kid to go to UWMadison it’s all fine. Sounds pretty selfish. The reality is not all schools are good and many are getting worse. Isn’t that the reasoning behind the voucher program. The reality is not many can afford to send their kids to college at all. The reality is many people have been effected. But hey, as long as you haven’t been impacted who gives a shit about those who have. I suggest you look at the average property tax savings per household in WI. If yours is going “down, down, down” enabling saving enough to better afford UW Madison then that would suggest you have a property far above the median home value. Furthermore, this leads me to believe you probably make far more then the median income. If that’s the case I congratulate you on your hard work, accomplishments and success. However, the majority of people in this state haven’t yet accomplished so much. I would argue that just because you haven’t been effected it doesn’t mean others haven’t been. There are many state funded programs that have been cut that will and are effecting people. Infrastructure is a prime example (3rd worst in the nation) and the owners of the multiple cars (15-20) that received damage from concrete bridge debris a few days ago on Hwy. 45 (I believe) would likely testify to the impact it’s had on their lives. Things are not all peaches and cream in WI and to pretend they are to prop up Walker is ridiculous. Give it time and we will all see the true impact of his policies.

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