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0628, 11 Sep 15

Keep Looking Up, But Never Forget




0628, 11 September 2015


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Caption: Why Islam is a false, evil, religion.

  2. Fairs Fare

    The best way to honor the memories of the fallen is through love not hate.

  3. Kevin scheunemann

    Delighting in the absolute truth is love.

  4. scott

    Caption: example 2187 of why religion is bad for us.

  5. Fairs Fare

    Delighting in absolute ignorance fuels hate!

  6. Kevin Scheunemann


    Now you’ve caught my interest.

    Are you saying Islam is not a false religion?

  7. scott

    It’s absolutely false. Just like all the others. It’s the ranting of bronze-age misogynistic ignoramuses. Probably the ones whose neighbors were like “dude, chill out already.” That’s who wrote this stuff.

  8. Fairs Fare

    What I said was, “The best way to honor the memories of the fallen is through love not hate”. I choose love.

  9. Kevin Scheunemann


    By implying Islam is the truth is not love.

    If we fail to call out what led to the victims fall, we fail to honor their memory.

  10. Fairs Fare

    I’m not biting. My statement stands. You can draw whatever false conclusions and make whatever bogus assumptions you want.

  11. Kevin scheunemann

    I was hoping to get to the part where rejecting Jesus leads to eternal, disasterous, consequences.

    Speaking truth in love means indicating Jesus is the only way to salvation. Islam rejects that truth. Rejecting Jesus also leads to evil acts in this life.

    So I was not intending you to “bite” on anything other than the absolute truth, which should be clear for Christians.

  12. Fairs Fare

    My original comment (9/11@7:53) was not in response to your comment. Clearly, you assume it was. I have asked you repeatedly to stop trying to pick fights with me. Others have also expressed concerns about the back and forth between us. Please give it a break. It wasn’t my intention to bring out your anti-Islam rhetoric either, it’s getting old.

  13. Kevin Scheunemann



    So then are you saying that showing the posted picture generates hate?

    (implying that we shouldn’t show the picture as a reminder).

  14. Fairs Fare

    I feel like I’m being stalked. In an effort to maintain civility I will edit my comment.
    “The best way to honor the memories of the fallen is through love.”
    So much for free speech!

  15. old baldy


    “Speaking truth in love means indicating Jesus is the only way to salvation.” Are you implying that you need to be a christian to know love? If so, you need some serious help, and soon.

  16. Kevin Scheunemann


    Not saying that.

    As a Christian, to imply there is truth in other religions, other than Jesus, is not love. A non-Christian, if they don’t know the truth, can demonstrate love on this earth without his truth. However, a Christian, because he knows the truth of Christ’s love, fails to love if we imply, Islam for instance, is not a false religion.

    In other words, Christians should be clear, that Jesus is the only way to salvation and that Islam is a false religion if a Christian speaks the truth in love.

    FF’s original comment implied my original comment was “hate”. Then, after engaging me about it 3 times, he said it was about the picture, which implies Owen posting the picture generates hate. Then he edited his comment about the picture. I now interpret his edited comment that we need to love our enemies.

    I agree completely. As Christians that means telling our enemies they follow a false religion and should seek the truth of Christ crucified.

    In other words, speaking the truth about Islam should not be viewed as “hate”, especially among Christians.

  17. Fairs Fare

    You are delusional! “he said it was about the picture” never happened, is completely false and fabricated. The caption above the picture says “Keep Looking a Up, But Never Forget”. My statement was directly related to that caption. Your interpretations and assumed implications are an effort to create controversy where none exists. Furthermore, “the memories” I speak of are clearly those of “the fallen”. I never make reference to any “enemies” or to “Islam”. This type of commentary goes way beyond opinion. You have become my personal TROLL and to tell you the truth I think it’s kind of gay the way you obsess about me.

  18. Fairs Fare

    Sorry, misquote. Correction: “Keep Looking Up, But Never Forget”.

  19. Kevin Scheunemann


    Great, will you honor the memories of the fallen by simply agreeing to what led to their demise: the evil of Islamic Jihad?

    That is the important part to remember here, or we will suffer something similar if we forget that simple truth.

  20. Fairs Fare

    Stalking me and trolling every post I make is obsessive. The part you are failing to comprehend is I never brought up evil, Islam or jihad. I will keep looking up and will never forget the memories of the fallen. I will choose to remember and honor the fallen with love. Should I repeat it another five or six times? Are you trying to justify your anti-Muslim position by saying history will repeat itself unless we all are anti-Muslim?

  21. Fairs Fare

    Clarification: anti-Islam position is more accurate.

  22. Kevin Scheunemann

    So I guess forgetting the truth of the Islamic evil that day equals honor in your book.

    Honor usually means embracing the truth.

  23. Fairs Fare

    Are you crazy? Seriously, do you have some type of mental impairment?

  24. Kevin Scheunemann



    If, as a society, we cannot remember the reason that caused 9/11 and state it plainly as “evil” or call Islam a “false religion”…that is where I am concerned about reality deficiencies.

  25. scott

    The idea that a religion held by many millions of people over many hundreds of years all over the world is slam-dunk condemned as “false” and “evil” because of the actions of a dozen people a few years ago is ludicrous. But t’s exactly the kind of thing you’d expect from Kevin and people like him. Shallow, self-serving and unhelpful.

    Islam is false. It’s exactly as false as Christianity and for the exact same reasons: It’s based on the worldview and morality of superstitious bronze-age ignoramuses. Most of us–including many ostensibly religious people–have learned to ignore most of what they had to say. We’ve had to. Otherwise we wouldn’t be reading all this on the internet in our modern prosperous lives.

    It’s true that too many Muslim-majority countries and cultures are dangerously backward. This in my view is an accident of history. Someone had to come in last place in terms of modernity. Casting our conflicts with such impoverished cultures as religious in nature is not only wrong, it’s dangerous. It plays directly into their religious narratives and our own, appealing to the worst impulses in all of us. If there’s one thing I’m sure of it’s that we’re not going to solve any problems–surely not global conflicts–by reliance on the superstitious nonsense of another age.

    The Kevins of the world may be as unreachable as Osama bin Laden. But to those less brainwashed: We can do better.

  26. Kevin Scheunemann


    You are able to throw around Christianity is “false” without anyone batting an eyelash. I throw out there Islam is “false” and its funny how certain people, especially those on the liberal side of the aisle, get in a twist. (Of course, if I label man made global warming is false, or evolution is false, that is met with a passionate rebuttment worthy of the most pious disciples of any of the religions. So let’s not pretend that religious passions don’t run crazy in secular society.)

    I can point to many places in the Koran where the actions of the Islamic adherents of September 11 are endorsed and show the promise of eternal reward for their evil acts. The scriptural basis of Islam allows for spousal abuse, child abuse, and eternal reward for evil acts. Grace and forgiveness are absent.

    Christianity has no such premises, so there is a vast difference between the 2.

    If we can’t make that distinction in society, then we are in trouble and we will not learn from the failures hat led to September 11.

  27. scott

    Yes, we’ve thoroughly explored your inability to distinguish science from religion in a previous discussion. While fascinating, I feel no need to rehash it here.

    What you know about other religions is entirely proscribed by your own. As is your understanding of most things. Which is why you’re so misinformed about so many things. So I hope I’ll be forgiven for not accepting your little lesson on comparative religion as valid in any way.

  28. old baldy


    I agree, we can do better.

    Kevin has conveniently forgotten the crusades, the inquisition and a number of other horrors brought on by christianity. Add that to his inability to distinguish science from religion makes a dangerous person.

  29. scott

    Truth. We should grab a beer sometime. Maybe Mr. Maley will join us.

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