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0721, 09 Sep 15

MATC Announces Tuition Assistance Plan

This looks like a good plan to help more poor folks access higher education.

In exchange for the program covering the difference between students’ federal and state financial aid and the cost of tuition and fees, students must be willing to do things that will make them successful in college, and ultimately, the workplace.

They must maintain solid grades, have good attendance, do reasonably well on the ACT college admissions test, and meet strict deadlines their senior year of high school. The deadlines include applying for enrollment at MATC and filing the federal financial aid application. Their families also must meet an income eligibility requirement.

Once at MATC, the students must provide eight hours of service to the community each semester, attend classes full-time for four consecutive semesters and maintain solid grades to keep the scholarship. They also will be expected to attend regular workshops offered through the program to help them succeed.

The MATC Promise won’t cover all costs. Students will still have to pay for books, transportation and living expenses.


0721, 09 September 2015


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