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2033, 08 Sep 15

Trump Felt Like He Was In The Service


Republican frontrunner Donald Trump reportedly told the author of a forthcoming biography that while he never served in the military, he “always felt” that he had because he attended a military-themed prep school that gave him “more training militarily than a lot of the guys that go into the military.”

Sure, it was JUST LIKE the military except for the whole “people are trying to kill you” thing. 


2033, 08 September 2015


  1. Fairs Fare

    This fool has the majority of support amongst Republicans (for now). It doesn’t say much about the party knowing this guy has a shot. If he gets the nomination will true Republicans/conservatives actually vote for him just to avoid voting for anyone else (libertarian or independent)?… Probably. Sad, really sad.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann


    I agree with everything you said about Trump.

    However, if you look at Democrats; Hillary’s dishonesty, criminal activity, and general avoidance of media and simple media questions is much worse.

    Those supporting Hillary, have no real purpose. (Mainly because Hillary agenda shifts with the polling). At least Trump supporters seem to have a purpose: Tear down the establishment.

    Both Trump and Hillary are dishonest about real policy questions, but Trump supporters at least have a reason for their support, which makes them more respected than Hillary supporters.

  3. old baldy


    Clinton supporters ( I’m not one of them) also have reasons for their support; she isn’t Trump/Walker/Cruz.

  4. Fairs Fare

    I give you my word I will not vote for Hillary. I also give you my word I will not vote for Trump. We can only hope two worthy candidates rise to the top.

  5. Kevin Scheunemann

    I fear Trump vs. Hillary race.

    It would be corrupt crony capitalist vs. the criminal corrupt.

    I may end up going back to just voting Libertarian for president.

  6. Fairs Fare

    Actual common ground! I have the same fear. I feel like I’m faced with the same situation as last go around. No choice. It really puts a person in a tough predicament. Third party really isn’t an option. So what’s left… Vote for a party with someone at the helm that I don’t agree with or personally don’t like. I pray someone rises to the top. Carson vs. Sanders?

  7. Pat

    Picking the lesser of two evils is what the Republican/Democrat dualopoly has brought to us. In order for the American public to have a real choice is to make some common sense changes.
    1) Make all elections instant run off.
    2) Eliminate the primary season continuing reality show by having all primaries held on one day.

  8. scott

    Trump’s entire appeal is to aging, white, evangelical men who are old enough to remember when women, gays and minorities knew their places. They’ve watched for decades as their social dominance has eroded. Trump is their final scream, a big middle finger to the people they used to be able to totally ignore.

    His stand on issues are irrelevant when you look at him in that light. And his stands do in fact seem irrelevant to his support. He’s bucked economic orthodoxy by saying he wants to tax the rich…and nobody cared. His campaign is held aloft by single issue voters and the issue is bigotry.

  9. Dan

    Well, Scott, you are wrong.
    The main attraction of Trump is that he is not a true politician, he actually knows how to run a business, has created jobs, employed 10,000’s of people, understands the economy and he answers questions unlike most candidates who stick to a script and say what they want to say, regardless of the question.
    For me, he is not my first choice, that would be Walker, or my 2nd choice, which would be Carson, but if trump is the republican candidate, I have no problem voting for him.

  10. Fairs Fare

    You have to be kidding. I’m sorry to say but Republicans willing to sacrifice the basics of their party platform to vote for a guy that’s actually more liberal then conservative is why I have trouble supporting the party. What policy has he put forth? What questions has he answered? You aren’t voting for the best candidate you are voting for a party and Trump really doesn’t represent “your” party. He doesn’t have a religious bone in his body and he’s pro choice. Need I say more?

  11. scott

    Trump understands the economy? Interesting. He wants to raise taxes on the rich. How’s that understanding sit with you?

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