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0945, 04 Sep 15

Crowd Threatens Madison Cop

The anti-cop sentiment that is being agitated by anti-cop rhetoric is taking its toll on our officers and the safety of our communities.

A Madison police officer who intervened in a street fight Wednesday evening was quickly surrounded by a crowd, some of whom voiced anti-police sentiments, including, “We need to start killing these officers,” according to a police spokesman.

In trying to break up the fight on the city’s Southwest Side, the officer was punched in the face and grabbed by the throat by a woman involved in the fight, said police spokesman Joel DeSpain.


0945, 04 September 2015


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    This is what liberalism teaches these days: hate of those trying to protect the innocent.

  2. Mark Maley

    i don’t get the premise .

    Someone yelled something stupid and another person hit an officer .
    Throw one or both in jail.

    How this relates to a officer being gunned down getting gas or murdered is a stretch of monster proportions .

    This notion that cops are endangered today more than any other day in the last 20 years ranks right up there with a war on Christmas .

    Unprovable because it’s not true .

  3. Kevin Scheunemann


    Were people, 20 years ago, yelling “pigs in a blanket, fry’em like bacon” while liberal leaders come out and say that was “playful”?

    Liberalism has bred contempt on a high level for all police officers.

    Have any substantive liberal leaders denounced the “we need to start killing officers” comment?

    None have. Silence.

    “Man made” global warming is unprovable, just on the large variance one sun’s solar eruption and flair activity alone, but that does not keep liberals from trying to grab power over it.

  4. Fairs Fare

    The woman in the fight hit the officer and grabbed him by the throat. Comes with the territory when you choose to be a cop. She will be charged accordingly. At least her and the officer are alive to tell their stories. Maybe she was the victim in the fight up until she assaulted the officer. As for those who interfered with the police doing their jobs and involved with threats they should all go to jail. Everyone, liberals and conservatives, are appalled by the actions of people who have complete disregard for the law. I have never heard a liberal or conservative condone such actions. Now, if unarmed black men being gunned down in the street and the rage surrounding those incidents are being confused for and construed with this crime it’s nothing more then rhetoric. Historically, as long as people have had others policing them there has been tension. Is it right? No but it’s reality. Cops are trained to deal with crowd uprisings during crimes. So, historically were these situations always an act of liberalism? Good cannot exist without evil. So what’s the solution? Armed mobs, vigilantism or public square executions. Really, as a civilized society what’s the answer?

  5. West Bend Observer

    5 cops executed in 20 days is normal, comes with the territory? Give me a fckn break. No officer should ever have to fear for his life on a daily basis just because it’s normal tension.

  6. Mark Maley

    Blaming liberals for police killings is one of the dumber things I’ve ever read here.

    No one condones murder , including murders committed by law enforcement .

    All need to be brought to a blind Justice .

    And blaming what a crowd said for policemen being murdered in different parts of the country is
    Just as dumb.

    If that were true , why weren’t 500 officers killed in the last month, or a thousand?
    If their siren song is so strong , the number should be larger .

    But they aren’t , because deranged people with guns hear their own voices, not that of misguided marchers .

  7. Mark Maley

    Nice try Kev, but the leader of the group itself made the comment .

    Don’t let the facts interrupt your thought process. They rarely do

  8. scott

    What’s being lost here is that we’re having a long-overdue discussion about the police brutality and justice system abuse doled out to lots of black Americans every day. I’m pretty liberal and I keep up on this kind of stuff, but you know what? I learned some shocking things recently. Do you know how many outstanding arrest warrants there were in Ferguson, for example? Three for every household. Mostly for failure to pay fines for misdemeanor offenses–fines that many simply could not afford to pay. People were actually put in jail for failure to pay parking tickets. Debtors prison all over again. The money that the police department was squeezing from the black community in Ferguson was one of it’s largest source of funding, amounting to millions of dollars a year.

    The kid who got shot there? Doesn’t really matter how it happened or why. Everyone knows that black kids get shot every day, all over the country–and many for no apparent reason other than that their lives aren’t as important as the lives of others. Or maybe it’s simply that they’re seen as “other” and that causes fear and dehumanization…and leads to a lot of quicker trigger pulls.

    Black lives matter. And it’s about time we start having the discussion about what it means to be black in America. We need to place the current situation in it’s proper place as the latest in a long string of improving–but sometimes still appalling–ways we treat black people. From kidnapping and slavery to Jim Crow and vote suppression to the civil rights movement. There’s a lot of things I’m glad I’m not, and black in America is way high up on that list.

    But, Scott, “black lives matter” is an inherently racist slogan”! The only acceptable way to say it is “ALL lives matter!”

    Wrong. Suppose you’re sitting at the dinner table. Everyone has food except you. You say “hey, I deserve my fair share!” You’re corrected: “No, EVERYONE deserves their fair share.” Which is simultaneously correct and unhelpful. It misses the point of the situation entirely.

  9. Steve Austin

    The problem with “#blacklivesmatter is that they only matter in the instance where an African-American dies in some sort of police related event.

    They neglect the 100x incidences of black on black violence, co-sleeping deaths, etc. If they want to make an impact, that’s who they have to reach and those are the statistics they have to change.

    And none of that is a result of having a police force in these communities to try and keep some semblance of the peace. The police presence and tactics are simply a reaction to trying to contain the high incidence of crime in these areas.

    Until the “parents” and community leaders start taking responsibility and enforcing societal norms the problem will not be solved.

    And it isn’t a “poverty” or “jobs” problem as millions of African Americans lived in abject poverty in the Southern US for decades without this type of societal breakdown resulting in severe violence.

    What has happened is the government welfare state has taken the place of the “father” as breadwinner in these communities. And with the dispensing of the father and family unit, none of these kids are taught how to act, work, etc within society.

  10. Kevin Scheunemann


    So I guess the discussion about criminal brutality, which is a 1000 times bigger problem, is out then?

    Police officer brutality is more than in “check” these days. If an officer breathes out of line, he is crucified by the liberal media.

    It’s the criminals that are out of control and have no “check”, especially in the catch and release stream that is Milwaukee.

  11. scott

    We discuss “criminal brutality” all the time. It’s why we HAVE police and a criminal justice system to address it.

    Police brutality is “in check” because liberal media? No. That isn’t the experience of black people in Ferguson and in many places across the country.

    Sorry if it makes police feel uncomfortable. I think it’s time to clear the air on this issue.

  12. Fairs Fare

    Breaking up a fight, getting paunched and grabbed comes with the territory. Have you ever broken up a fight? You take a risk. He officer had non-lethal options. He choose to physically step in. I didn’t say getting gunned down comes with the territory. Don’t twist my words or their meaning.

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