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2200, 31 Aug 15

Netflix Changes Direction

As a Netflix subscriber, I think this is a mistake.

Thousands of movies will be removed from Netflix after the streaming service decided not to renew a deal with distributor Epix.

Removed titles will include the Hunger Games and Transformers movies.

Netflix, which has more than 60 million subscribers worldwide, said it wanted to focus on exclusive content.

Rival service Hulu will take on the Epix catalogue. “Our subscribers have been asking us for more, and more recent, big movies,” Hulu said.

Some of their original content is great, but it’s not usually what I log into Netflix for. Almost none of it is appropriate for kids. And I like to watch the latest big action flick or an old movie that I haven’t seen in a long time. If I can’t find those anymore, I’ll probably move over to Hulu and drop Netflix, because I don’t want to pay for two content portals.

Time will tell, I guess.


2200, 31 August 2015


  1. Hello

    I have 2 services already. Netflix and Amazon prime. I don’t think Netflix has enough original content yet to truly do away with all those movies so they will have to keep a lot. Also most of the movies are the same for both providers. Amazon however needs to do a much better job of they way their stuff is organized. I think they keep it confusing hoping you will pay to rent or buy stuff. Also they really need to be able to separate the account for family members the way Nerflix does.

  2. Owen

    I have Amazon Prime too, but I didn’t think of it as a direct competitor for the Netflix service because it includes other benefits like free shipping, etc. I agree with the organization though. It could use some work.

  3. Jason

    Amazon just announced that for the Amazon Video app, you can now download and watch videos offline!

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