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0744, 25 Aug 15

Moore the Boor

It’s not surprising that the Wisconsin politician who is mostly known for saying stupid things is once again saying stupid things.

Ms. Moore said Mr. Walker was “literally campaigning around the state, saying you don’t want to be like Milwaukee, while at the same time really tightening the noose, literally, around African-Americans,” The Hill reported.

“He cut his teeth on ‘three strikes and you’re out’ mandatory minimum sentences — really, you know, trail ‘em, nail ‘em and jail ‘em politics … and so we really have a high incarceration rate,” she said.

Ms. Moore said the governor’s opposition to raising the minimum wage, requiring voters to show photo identification at the polls, and requiring drug testing for welfare recipients unfairly hurts black people. She also called Mr. Walker a “stereotypical politician” who will say anything to get elected, The Associated Press reported.


0744, 25 August 2015


  1. Mark maley

    Glen grothman sets the gold standard for Wisconsin politicians saying dumb stuff

    No one else is even close

  2. Paul

    It’s a good thing you lost the school board election, otherwise you would have set the gold standard and then some for elected officials saying dumb things.

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