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1004, 15 Aug 15

Clinton Drags VRWC Out of the Closet

Yes, she really does think that we are all stupid.

Turning to her email controversies, Clinton said she would “do my part to provide transparency to Americans — that’s why I’m insisting 55,000 pages of my emails be published as soon as possible” and turned over the server.

“I won’t pretend that this is anything other than what it is: the same old partisan games we’ve seen so many times before,” she said. “So I don’t care how many super PACs and Republicans pile on. I’ve been fighting for families and underdogs my entire life and I’m not going to stop now.”


1004, 15 August 2015

1 Comment

  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    When Hillary “insists” “as soon as possible”, that must mean at least another 36 months minimum for sanitation.

    I feel bad for Democrats dragging this dishonest baggage of a candidate around.

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