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2120, 14 Aug 15

Officer Hesitated

How sad that we’ve reached this state in our culture where an officer is so afraid of the negative media attention for doing his job that he gets assaulted.

(CNN)A Birmingham, Alabama, police detective who was pistol-whipped unconscious said Friday that he hesitated to use force because he didn’t want to be accused of needlessly killing an unarmed man.

“A lot of officers are being too cautious because of what’s going on in the media,” said the officer, who asked to remain anonymous for the safety of his family. “I hesitated because I didn’t want to be in the media like I am right now.”


The incident occurred last Friday when the detective was on his way to interview a robbery witness and saw a car that was carrying at least two people traveling erratically on the interstate, according to police.

“He calls for backup and tells the man to stay in the car, but he didn’t,” Boackle told CNN in a phone interview. “The last thing the officer remembers is getting sucker-punched in a parking lot. The next thing, he’s waking up in a hospital bed with staples in his head.”

According to Boackle, the detective spoke to Janard Cunningham, who was sitting the car. The detective decided to call for backup so that he could continue his robbery investigation while another officer handled the traffic stop.

While he was calling for backup, Cunningham allegedly exited the car and became aggressive, approaching the detective and repeatedly questioned why he’d been pulled over, the union chief said. The detective considered using force but thought better of it and continued his call when Cunningham hit him, Boackle said.

Cunningham is accused of then “pistol whipping” the officer with his own service weapon, Boackle said.

The officer suffered multiple lacerations to his head and face but is expected to recover from his injuries, according to Boackle. The University of Alabama-Birmingham treated and released him the same day. He’s recovering at home and has not yet returned to duty, Boackle said.

Chief calls reaction ‘absolutely inhumane’

Adding insult to injury: several bystanders, instead of helping, took pictures of the bloodied officer as he was facedown on the concrete and posted the images on social media, where the officer was mocked.

Many people rose to the officer’s defense, but the detective’s colleagues were outraged by a collection of posts that seemed to revel in the beating.

“Pistol whipped his ass to sleep,” one user wrote, employing the hashtag #FckDaPolice. Another mockingly offered the officer milk and cookies for his “nap time.”


2120, 14 August 2015

1 Comment

  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    This is the consequence when liberals march on the side evil doers like Michael Brown, and Robinson.

    Pretty soon the officers trying to do good, and attempting to prevent black on black crime, will do more than hesitate, they will quit because the evil continues undermine their efforts to do good.

    Worse, the marchers looking to reward evil deeds and evil doers, will continue to destroy the good efforts of the officers with punishment for trying to do the right thing.

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