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1854, 02 Aug 15

Saudi King Cuts Vacation Short

Um… isn’t Saudi Arabia basically one gigantic beach? I kid… I kid…

King Salman of Saudi Arabia has cut short a holiday on the French Riviera where the closure of a beach for his security caused an uproar.

After only eight days of what was planned as a three-week stay, the king flew on to Morocco, officials said.

With him were at least half of his 1,000-strong entourage, regional official Philippe Castanet added.

More than 100,000 people signed a petition against the closure of the public beach at Vallauris.


He said a temporary lift connecting the beach with the villa – which had also angered local residents – would be removed in the coming weeks.

Building the lift had involved pouring a large concrete slab on the sand.

The royal party generated mixed emotions among the local population.

While some were unhappy at the closure of the beach, many traders warmly welcomed the king and his wealthy entourage.


1854, 02 August 2015


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