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2113, 26 Jul 15

West Bend School District Annual Meeting Tomorrow

One more post about the meeting tomorrow and then I’m done for the night… I’m hearing rumblings that our local cadre of lefties are organizing to get a lot of people to the meeting. They want to advocate for things like 4K, more spending, and gripe about the administration. If history is any guide, they can get the same 20-25 people to go to anything, so I would expect them to be there.

This is all, of course, perfectly acceptable and normal. Our local lefty rabble-rousers are citizens of the district and have a right to voice their opinions. The same right applies to our local righty rabble-rousers.

I highly encourage everyone in the school district to attend the meeting tomorrow. It’s a couple of hours well spent. Here are the details:

July 27, 2015

Badger Middle School Cafeteria

727 S. 6th Ave., West Bend, WI 53095

6:00 PM


2113, 26 July 2015


  1. T of B

    “Griping about the administration” – what working person hasn’t had a “mean” boss in their career? What supervisory person hasn’t been considered a “mean” boss at least once in their career? I have been on both sides of that aisle.

  2. Alias

    I wanted to voice my objection to increasing the tax levy versus getting all available state funding, but was stopped my first sentence.

    Seriously is this Communist China? That school board annual meeting had to be the most un-American local government meeting I have ever witnessed.

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