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1259, 26 Jul 15

Perry on the Peril of Gun Free Zones

I agree.

(CNN)Rick Perry said in an interview Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” that the shooting in Lafayette, Louisiana, earlier this week shows why gun-free zones are “a bad idea” and said he believes people should be able to take their firearms to the movies.

“I think that it makes a lot of sense to send a message across this country,” Perry said when asked by host Jake Tapper if the former governor believed a way to prevent such violence would be to allow moviegoers to take guns inside. “If we believe in the Second Amendment, and we believe in people’s right to protect themselves and defend themselves, and their families.”

John Russell “Rusty” Houser on Thursday shot 11 people, killing two, in a theater using a handgun he legally purchased from a pawn shop, authorities have said. Houser, who authorities say had a history of legal and mental problems, then turned the gun on himself.

“I believe that, with all my heart, that if you have the citizens who are well trained, and particularly in these places that are considered to be gun-free zones, that we can stop that type of activity, or stop it before there’s as many people that are impacted as what we saw in Lafayette,” Perry said.


1259, 26 July 2015

1 Comment

  1. Mark Maley

    I completely disagree .

    The assumption in the new “perry Doctrine ” is that everyone who owns a fire arm is well trained for any situation

    Based upon this persons mental history , he should never have been able to buy a weapon .so rather than tighten the oversight , the answer is more guns .

    And that is your answer to any societal problem.

    That is the 2nd amendment , written at a time when foreign troops occupied civilians homes , on steroids

    Attacks like these become straw men for a mass intrusion of armed people anxious to use those weapons .

    Forgive me if I want to attend a movie without everyone strapping up .
    Or a church
    Or a bakery
    And to those who say I am abandoning my families safety I would say
    ” you are not the army
    You are not the police
    You’re “training ” has nothing to do with
    Your response in a terrorist situation .”

    I trust the police
    I trust the army
    You live next door and think you are a badasss because you have guns .

    Sorry , this country needs a guns enema .

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