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2015, 25 Jul 15

Grade School Taunts in Presidential Race

“Dumbdumb?” “Jackass?” Really, boys… and I do mean boys… grow up.

OSKALOOSA, Iowa (AP) — Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump opened up a line of attack Saturday on Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, accusing the leader in recent polls in Iowa of running his neighboring state into financial trouble.

It’s the latest broadside against a rival of the outspoken New York billionaire. Last week, Trump went after South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham for calling him a “jackass.” The New York businessman has characterized other candidates as unfit for the office and said the party’s 2008 nominee, Sen. John McCain, was not a war hero in spite of his years as a prisoner in Vietnam.

Spurred on by a raucous audience of more than 1,000 at a central Iowa high school, Trump said Walker has an advantage in Iowa because he’s from a neighboring state but that the edge is undeserved because Walker has mismanaged Wisconsin’s budget.


Trump said Walker deserved the criticism because a top fundraiser to the governor referred to Trump in a recent fundraising email as “Dumb dumb.”



2015, 25 July 2015


  1. Northern Pike

    Maybe that’s just who are.

    Maybe that’s just something to remember the next time someone like Marco Rubio says President Obama has “no class.”

  2. Steve Austin

    I’m completely fine with Trump’s whole asymmetrical warfare campaign thing he’s doing right now. But it comes with one big caveat. Come the debate on August 6th, he’s got to start laying out specifics as to how he’ll propose to solve some of the problems he’s pointing out.

    If he just gets up on stage and turns things into a version of the Celebrity Apprentice boardroom his appeal for me will start to fade.

    That said, things like him calling into CNN this morning and calling Hillary a criminal for her email situation is enjoyable and IMO helpful for the GOP.

  3. T of B

    Isn’t this how a clown show is supposed to look?

  4. Mark Maley

    With that many people on the stage , it will just be rehearsed talking points and rehearsed attack lines .

    The X factor is Trump who called out the Guv
    This weekend ( nothing on the blog about that )
    For our lousy roads , our inability to pay for them , , our cutting education , and our lousy job performance .

    Whoever thought calling Trump a Dum Dum
    ( Wharton graduate , actual years running a multi Billuon $ business bs the college drop out whose ENTIRE career is in government ) should be fired immediately

    He’s Mitt Romney plus in terms of actual job creation ( it’s funny how Obama didn’t create jobs but the Guv said he would , then didn’t and you give him a pass )

    At the very least , he will tear the bark off the other republican candidates – and THAT will be fun

    The only thing better than Trump in the debates would be Trump as a third party candidate .

    It starting to feel like 1992 all over again .
    Clinton 38% in a 3 way race is fine with me

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