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1635, 20 Jul 15

Concerned Citizens of West Bend Launched

This is a group that’s taking off very quickly.

First official meeting set for Concerned Citizens of West Bend: The first meeting community-awareness meeting of Concerned Citizens of West Bend is set for 6:30 p.m. on August 24 in the council chambers at West Bend City Hall.

The group was started by former Dist. 4 alderman Randy Koehler as a way to help neighbors improve the safety in the community.

“I’ve booked a member of the police department and another elected official at the meeting,” said Koehler.

The Concerned Citizens group started last Thursday with four people brainstorming in Koehler’s garage.

The story was posted on Washington County Insider and Koehler created his own FB page – there was a jump in numbers.

“I made a bet with my wife on Thursday that we’d have 100 people by the end the of the weekend,” he said. “Now we’re close to 500. It shows people care and there’s a need.”

This is great. While West Bend is not a high-crime community, crimes do happen. It’s great to see citizens organize to take ownership of our community. I highly encourage everyone to attend their first meeting on August 24th. You can get more information and follow developments on their Facebook page.


1635, 20 July 2015


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