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1300, 19 Jul 15

O’Malley Forced to Apologize for Claiming “All” Lives Matter

Yes, we have reached a point in our culture where a presidential candidate is forced to apologize for espousing a belief that all lives – black, white, other – matter.

Phoenix (CNN)Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley apologized on Saturday for saying “All lives matter” while discussing police violence against African-Americans with liberal demonstrators.

Several dozen demonstrators interrupted the former Maryland governor while he was speaking here at the Netroots Nation conference, a gathering of liberal activists, demanding that he address criminal justice and police brutality. When they shouted, “Black lives matter!” a rallying cry of protests that broke out after several black Americans were killed at the hands of police in recent months, O’Malley responded: “Black lives matter. White lives matter. All lives matter.”


1300, 19 July 2015

1 Comment

  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Silly Democrat.

    You cannot say all lives matter.

    That is verboten by liberals refusing to admit black in black crime accelerates by soft on crime liberal policing policies.

    Liberals only want lives that matter for their political gain.

    Liberal disdain for such a common statement shows how evil the liberal religion can be.

    I’ll say it, ” All lives matter”.

    I will not apologize for saying it either!

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