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0759, 14 Jul 15

Obama Signs Path to a Nuclear Iran

This is a very bad deal for the U.S. and the world. As usual, Netanyahu sums it up well.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said it was a “historic mistake” that would provide Iran with “hundreds of billions of dollars with which it can fuel its terror machine and its expansion and aggression throughout the Middle East and across the globe”.

Here’s some more good analysis from the BBC correspondent:

The easing of restrictions on financial transactions which are part of the international embargo will give Iran extra economic muscle.

That will mean more funds – and more guns – for the proxy armies it funds around the Middle East, like the Shia militias of Iraq, and Hezbollah, the Lebanese military force which is helping to prop up Iran’s ally Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

That is likely to reinforce Iran’s view of itself as the champion and defender of Shia communities wherever they are found and to push the Sunni kingdoms of the Gulf – led by the Saudis – into responding in kind.

The conflicts raging around the Middle East in places like Iraq and Syria can be viewed as part of a growing confrontation between followers of the two main traditions in the Islamic world – Sunni and Shia.

Giving Iran access to more money and more weapons may well serve to intensify that confrontation.

Next step… a nuclear Saudi Arabia.

Thanks, Obama.



0759, 14 July 2015


  1. Fairs Fare

    Locking Iran into an enforceable agreement gives the international community legal recourse if/when Iran fails to full fill their end of the bargain. With this in place we have an the ability to monitor their nuclear energy program. This is how civilized countries try to control less civilized countries. If/when this fails and alternative enforcement is needed we have laid the legal foundation to appeal to the international community to use military might. I’m not exactly happy with the deal but I understand the bigger picture.

  2. Mark Maley

    This is a smart , historic deal .

    We get to run our own foreign policy and not just turn it over to the PM of Israel as would have do .

  3. Billiam

    I want some of what you two are smoking.

  4. Mark Maley

    I’m smoking a Montecristo White Churchill
    In honor of a POTUS who inspects
    Rather than rushes into war like 43 and breaks up the one strongman who kept Iran in check

    All are welcome to one

  5. scott

    I’ll have one of those, Mark!

  6. Fairs Fare

    Bought six Cubans from a laundromat in Kewaskkkum. The Muslim guy said “we have whatever you want”. He was also selling T-shirts that said “Jesus loves me, why do you hate me?” and “No Nukes”. Kewaskkkum is “My Kind of Town”.

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