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0739, 30 Jun 15

“Rally” for Liberal Education Agenda in West Bend

Apparently, there was a rally on Sunday by a group promoting the liberal education agenda.


Daily News

Those at a rally in support of public education that drew more than 70 people to Old Settlers Park in West Bend on Sunday called for full funding for schools from the state, a moratorium on vouchers and private charter school expansion, the restoration of social workers and librarians in West Bend schools and the creation of a 4K program in the district.

Anne Molineu, a parent from West Bend and a member of Benders For Better Public Education, the group that organized the rally, shared with the crowd a students’ bill of rights, pertaining to the West Bend School District.

Eh, whatever. It is their right. I would point out a couple of things. First, if you read through the story, it appears that most of the speakers came from outside of West Bend (Wauwatosa, Appleton, Milwaukee, Lake Mills). Second, this group really dislikes the current superintendent. Third, if you check out this video from the rally by Judy Steffes, “70 people” would be a very generous crowd estimate.

Once you filter out the people from out of town and the organizers, how many Benders were actually at this rally?


0739, 30 June 2015


  1. Steve Austin

    That video was fantastic. I counted 54 but that includes those four little kids in the back who may have just been playing there.

    I feel sorry for those in the education establishment that have to go through this industry trauma, but they got too comfortable with the status quo over the past decades. Major shakeup in that industry is only going to get bigger over the next five years with vouchers, online instruction, etc.

    I tweeted this a couple times the past month, but we’re going to die on the hill of prevailing wage when we should have done universal school vouchers. Would in the long run have been much more beneficial for the State, saved more money, allowed for students to get out of the liberal orthodoxy public schools, and once all parents get a voucher? They’re never going back.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    The “borg-like” droning of “because students matter” reminds me of that hilarious anti-socialist cult commercial, “these dungerees belong to all of us now.”

    No passion at all.

    I consider it child abuse to let kids be exposed to uninspired teachers.

    Thanks for posting this!

  3. Fairs Fare

    Hey SA,
    Where would all the voucher kids go to school. Last I looked private schools are so limited on space kids have to take entrance exams to weed out those less then “inspired” and those not at the top of the class. There is no way private schools especially private religious schools could accommodate the demand. Where to you get your education? How many public school teachers does West Bend have? 54?

  4. Kevin Scheunemann


    Not all private schools have entrance exams. Many take all the students that apply, especially Christian schools.

    The only local private Christian school that has a waiting list is St. Marcus. However they have been trying to resolve that by buying vacant MPS buildings. Liberal evil on MPS school board has blocked them at every turn with super slimy deals to friends to keep space vacant or underutilized to block Christian education which is in high demand because of the awful MPS.

    Wisconsin Institute for Liberty has been trying to force MPS to sell its vacant buildings, but liberals continue to refuse, despite having no plan for vacant properties.

    So when you take all this in against the backdrop of the rally posted above….it’s never about the kids with liberal educators….it’s about monopolizing the education money into a public school system many do not support being run by uninspired drones like we see in video.

  5. Fairs Fare

    The privatization of public education is the “monopolization” of education money. How do teachers monopolize education? Have you checked into teacher salaries? All have bachelor degrees and many have masters degrees. Being a teacher is demanding and involves many hours of take home work per day. If you think $36,000/yr is enough to pay back student loans, rent, car payment etc. it’s not. Bus drivers in Milwaukee make more to sit on their hind ends with no more skills then a sixteen year old after drivers training. Most, if not all, private schools in my county have entrance exams at the high school level. A lot of times, kids who attend private Christian schools K-8 (many churches have a k-8 program but not 9-12) have to switch to public high school because of limited space. How disappointing to be denied because of limited space but even worse to be denied because you are not in the top of your class or “inspired” enough. Discrimination at its best and also not very Christian. So how many teachers does a West Bend have?

  6. Jonathan Huehner

    Nice condescending post, it must feel great to comment on something you never bothered to attend and maybe learn something new. In any case, as someone who was actually there, I can assure you that the crowd number is accurate and that the camera view only shows a part of the crowd. If you want to know where yours truly was sitting, look no further than the heavy bearded guy in the blue Amityville T-shirt.

    It’s also interesting to see the illustrious Mr. Scheunemann talking so high and mighty here in the comments. I’m sure he would be eager to know that my father has spoken about him at times, usually referring to his sub-par performance as a student of his.

    In short, it would be better for this article to be a little less pretentious and “holier-than-thou.” I know it must feel great to sit behind a screen and talk about something you didn’t attend and that’s your right, but could you write to be a little less…obvious?

  7. Kevin Scheunemann


    I’ll bite. Which school was your father a teacher at?

    I, don’t recall a “Huehner” as a past teacher of mine.

    I’d like to know what “subpar” means.

  8. Dhugal McArdy

    below an average, usual, or normal level, quality, or the like; below par: This month his performance has been subpar.

    Examples from the Web for subpar

    Growth in employment, investment, and real GDP were all subpar during the Bush years, even if we disregard the collapse of 2008.

    It is nice what one can find using google and; maybe you can try it sometime.

  9. Kevin scheunemann

    Thanks for that definition.

    I was curious how “subpar” applied to me as a student.

    Since I never received a subpar grade in high school, I’d be interested how this new public school math works these days.

    Your definition matches mine on “subpar”, but Jon seems to have a different, public school style, insight.

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