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0808, 29 Jun 15

Greece Freezes Banks


Banks in Greece stayed shut on Monday as officials scrambled to prevent the country’s financial system from collapsing in panic.

Account holders were also facing tough limits on what they can withdraw from ATMs, and trading in Greek stocks and bonds was also halted.

The measures were announced Sunday as Greece slid rapidly toward default and exit from the eurozone.

Greece’s troubles will affect us all as the world’s markets react, but it is also a cautionary tale. Yes, an entire’s country’s economy can collapse if the government is financially reckless.


0808, 29 June 2015


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    This is the result of liberalism run amock and what happens to the economy of a country when they let liberalism run amock.

  2. Mark Maley


    Like the logo (Rainbow )
    Can’t read the message
    i loved Donald Trump explaining how his 3 marriages were ” traditional ” this weekend .

    In the past , A guy with a 3.2 blood alcohol level can marry a hooker in Vegas he met a few
    Hours before in a service conducted by a Elvis interpreter , as long as neither is gay .
    ( until now )

    I get that you want to blame everything bad on liberals but wasnt the U.S. Credit meltdown
    A function of 2 wars off the books, tax cuts and unregulated banks .

    That doesn’t sound liberal to me .

  3. Kevin Scheunemann


    It says: “Rainbow: a promise of God, not a symbol of Pride.”

    Still love it?

    It think its cool because the rainbow is the promise from God that he will not destroy the wicked in another global flood…no matter how wicked we get.

    Just trying to make the rainbow more “diverse” than just a gay agenda symbol.

    It will be interesting if that diversity is met with support, or scorn, by those preaching diversity.

  4. Fairs Fare

    Diverse means showing a great deal of variety. How does a rainbow representing only two things, gay pride and God, show a great deal of variety? Also, when did being gay become an agenda? Must be Democrats talked people into changing their lifestyles and having sex with the same gender all to promote liberalism and get votes. Not a sacrifice many would make. It’s to bad natures beauty has to be used for anything and not just appreciated for what it is. Similarly, it’s to bad people within the LGBT community can’t be appreciated for who they are. I also think only God has the ability to judge and forgive. Wasn’t this thread about Greece or was someone trying to make the connection about when in Greece do as the Greeks?

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