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0808, 26 Jun 15

SCOTUS Rules on Housing Discrimination

And in case you didn’t think SCOTUS had beclowned itself enough, they also released this ruling.

WASHINGTON — A deeply divided Supreme Court delivered an unexpected reprieve to civil rights groups Thursday, ruling that housing discrimination need not be intentional in order to be illegal.

The justices said people objecting to lending, zoning, sales and rental practices can base their legal claim on the disparate impact those practices have on blacks or other minorities.

You got it. The government can still whack you for housing discrimination even if you weren’t intentionally discriminating.


0808, 26 June 2015


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    I can’t wait to make my claim for being “Trans Climate” for embracing global warming while the climate is cooling.

  2. Mark Maley

    i would assume most car accidents are ” accidental ”

    If I get hit by the other persons car and it wasn’t the drivers intention to hit me , does he get off for the accident ?

    So the government gives a rip what the discriminating persons intentions were .

  3. Fairs Fare

    Make a claim as you will but opening the window on a cool WI night or carrying a snowball into the House Chambers during the middle of winter is hardly proof “the climate is cooling”. However, you unwittingly bring up a long term side effect (according to some experts) of global warming and that is a rapid transition into a premature ice age. Ice melts and water evaporates because of warmer temps. Winter still happens, our position to the sun hasn’t changed. Those surviving humans will face the next extreme. Glad I will be taking a dirt nap.

  4. Fairs Fare


  5. Kevin Scheunemann

    Does this mean either of you is not tolerant, or accepting, of my “Trans-climate” feelings?

    I’d figure that would be a lot easier to accept than a guy having man parts saying he is a “woman”.

    No need to hate climate change deniers, we are part of the great liberal diversity…liberals should love those embracing global warming openly, we don’t hate the warming (if it exists).

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