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1822, 16 Jun 15

Madison Discontinues Audible Turn Signals

Well, it was the good intentions that matter, right?

Madison’s Metro Transit announced Tuesday it would discontinue its audible turn alerts on buses after receiving complaints and hearing more than an hour of public testimony protesting the frequent beeping.

The audible turn alert system chirps every time a bus’ turn signal is activated and was installed with the goal of increasing safety. But the chirping noise has aggravated residents on bus lines and neighborhood groups, who amassed a significant showing at a Transit and Parking Commission meeting last week to testify against the system.

Residents raised issues with the noise and questioned whether there is any proof of their effectiveness in increasing safety. Some also said they’re avoiding riding the bus because of the noise.

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1822, 16 June 2015

1 Comment

  1. Jadedly Unbiased

    Amazing how people can get chirping bus noises silenced but we can’t get Madison politicians to listen to public input on keeping our tax dollars out of the arena deal. Hmm, maybe if the arena chirped…

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